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  1. Islam and tolerance

    As someone who was born in Iran and grown up in an Islamic country; I just want make it clear, up to 18th century and while Ottoman Empire was at its peak of power all non-Muslims were paying JAZEYEH (some sort of tax for non-Muslims while they are living in an Islamic land!) and had no right for high-office elections etc. During 18th century and while Ottoman Empire was falling apart and in general all around the world the concept of human rights and equality was gaining momentum, conflicts start all around the world. In reality, there was no period of time that Muslims and non-Muslims were living together in peace. It was a period that Muslims were masters and let the others lives among them as second-class citizen, but there was no time in history that they live in peace with nonbelievers as equal!
  2. Mystic altruism and its future

    When Ayn Rand passed away in 1982, she witnessed two beginnings. One was the beginning of Soviet Union and Communism end, the other was the beginning of Islamic movements rise around the world. While “social altruism” was fading, “mystic altruism” was gaining momentum all around the world. As she mentioned again and again, human being needs an objective and tangible final goal for this world and tries to reach it with her/his objective values. Social altruism failure was easy to measure because its final goal; better life for everyone in its society, was defined for this world and it failed miserably. What about mystic altruism? They suffer and failing even more, but because their final goal is not for this world and not measurable based on objective measures they keep going strong. Until we try to change the culture and individual knowledge in these societies, there is no hope for them to wake up. Like to hear your thoughts.