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  1. Professor M. Northrup Buechner of St. John’s University has posted an essay entitled, "How the Economy Works." It goes along with his new book, Objective Economics: How Ayn Rand's Philosophy Changes Everything About Economics. Essentially, his book explains a new theory of how prices work. He discards the modern view of economics and casts prices in terms of the objective-subjective-intrinsic trichotomy that Objectivists are familiar with. I'm in the middle of reading the book now, and I like it so far. The essay is posted on Buechner's site here: He has granted permission allowing anyone to post or republish the essay, as long as it is reproduced in its entirety. I decided to make an attractive two-column PDF version of it, which I've posted here: (I also corrected one typo that was in the web text. "choses" > "chooses".) Enjoy, Jared