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There are times when words alone aren't enough. Perhaps you want to underline a clever remark with a wink. You can embellish your posts by using one of a variety of special characters known as smilies. Some smilies express laughter while others express dismay or even anger. Used correctly, smilies can add color and extra meaning to your posts. Used carelessly or excessively, they can lose their meaning. Beware, there are no firm rules concerning the use and interpretation of smilies. You can actually introduce ambiguity into your post by using smilies if their intention is not made clear.

Some examples of smilies in use:

"Glad to see yah back, Bob! :)"

"I just got a new job. B)"

"I can't believe you interpreted my words that way. :o"

"Your tantrums are unacceptable. :angry:"

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