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I know there's a thread about funny videos.

But do you have any links to videos you find inspiring? B)

looked for ''how to start a business'' on YouTube and there are quite a few with a lot inspiring hints.

Like particularly like this one. :rolleyes:

I also like the people talking about starting their own business and the various ''how to'' videos.

MrCropper has some lectures I enjoy do you have links to other channels with good lectures?

I find How The World Works to be a great news commentary channel but I don't know any others.

So, post some Rationally Recreational video links here if you have them! :D

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This is a fantastic idea for a thread and I hope it stays around for a long while!

Here is one I found inspiring. It runs 22 minutes and 56 seconds.

Ray Kurzweil: How technology's accelerating power will transform us:


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