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Bill Bucko

Inspiration for VICTORY!

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This is TOO INSPIRING to leave consigned to a post under Current Events, where some of you might miss it. So I'm copying it here:

Remember that thrilling, magnificent Act II of Puccini's "Tosca"? After the villain tortures Cavaradossi for concealing a political prisoner, news suddenly arrives that the dictatorship is being overthrown! Cavaradossi bursts out defiantly:

Vittoria! Vittoria!

L'alba vindice appar

Che fa gli empli tremar!

Liberta sorge, crolan tirannidi!

Victory! Victory!

Now let freedom awake,

Let all tyrants now quake

As day brings deliverance!

Since some of you won't be familiar with the opera, here's the scene:

Or for the music alone, track 10:

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