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Okay, admiting that I've only had it for two days, I have to say that this machine is going to improve my life.

Problems solved by this machine: four kids ages 2-12 needing engaging activities, extra weight, loss of muscle tone and agility due to lower activity level, missing out on family time doing something other than passively watching TV, the lack of lots of great shows to watch on TV, worrying about kids not being active enough, beanpole tween daughter worrying about being "fat", miserably humid Houston weather and frequent rain making exercise even harder than usual

First day: everyone made a "MII" which is a virtual representation of you. Then we each did a "body test" which tells you your "WII age" which is derived from your actual age but adding or subtracting years based on your center of balance and agility. Finally we set goals and I worked out for an hour without even grumbling. It's really fun. The kids play the sports and they can all get into it.

While you are working out or playing you will see members of your "Mii" family waving in the background. It keeps me motivated to see them when I am jogging around the virtual island. It has also pulled my husband out from his office to watch the kids have all the fun. When these sports and fitness games get boring, we will get the "Dance Revolution" game.

If you have been thinking about trying one of these out or are looking for a fun family entertainment option to get folks moving, this is for you!

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