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I am close to completing my book “THE ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANT REVOLUTION – IS IT THE END, OR IS THERE HOPE FOR A NEW BEGINNING?”, mainly dealing with the politico-economic history of US up to today’s recession – in terms of basic principles and philosophy. All explanations of issues that may strike anybody on reading the title are available in the book. I want to put up some excerpts on the forum for general info / comments / discussion. Of the topics listed below which I eventually want to post on the forum, only the ones marked * are presently posted in a single file (concatenated serially). If the members get interested the remaining topics too will be posted. I believe the book gives exact solution to the problems of democracy, multi-culturalism and other problems the US faces (like allegations of racism etc).

Please note that this is a Beta version, means minor changes will be there before finalization. The reader may change font once he downloads the file.

F4ARF members are requested to comment from following angles: 1. specifically where requested about a particular point; 2. the overall document generally where-ever somebody can make a point; 3. legal angle if they are aware of.

Comments are also welcome if they are sent directly to me.

The list of files (eventually to be uploaded) and a brief description (unless it is obvious from the title) is as follows:

*1. Abstract-Notes: *See below

2. Aristotle Importance: Importance of Aristotle in maintaining civilization / human life.

3. RAA Ethics: Reductio Ad Absurdum type of analysis applied to ethical theories to show how Ayn Rand and Anglo Saxon theories are the life-givers while all others are killers – typical examples of religion (Egyptian civilization and Christianity), Communism and Socialism, and Consensus based United Nation’s ethics of universal welfare.

*4. ASP Revln Ascent: The ascent phase of the Anglo Saxon Protestant Revolution.

5. Transition to Descent: All files beyond this point describe the stagnation, fall or descent of the ASP Revolution.

6. Woodrow Wilson Policies:

7. Woodrow Wilson United Nations:

8. Woodrow Wilson Wars:

*9. Woodrow Wilson Alan Greenspan:

*10. Capitalism Does Not Yet Exists:

*11. Unselfishness Sacrifice for Others:

12. Moral Degeneration:

Democracy, multi-culturalism, Racism and a few other topics come beyond this, ending with Conclusion, Solution etc. This part is available with me as “initial write-up” to be finalized.

* -- files marked * uploaded presently as a single file. If members interested, will upload all others.


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Because attachment space is limited, I suggest you host your files at another web site and simply link to them. There are several free sites you can use such as MediaFile (link) or FileFactory (link).

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Eknath Ende:

I would offer a suggestion that you label the revolution properly. To call it an "Anglo Saxon" revolution is to give in to those who wish to destroy the revolution. They have labeled it as such in order to obfuscate its essential elements. The enemies of Western culture* try to associate it with a very particular type of person (Anglo Saxon) in an attempt to persuade others on racial/"cultural" grounds that they (1) don't belong to the so-called Anglo Saxon group and therefore (2) one should fight against those ideas and for one's "own" race/"culture." I think that you are trying to identify a revolution in ideas. So, what ideological trend are you trying to identify? What trend was before it? What trend is replacing it? Are there other examples in history of these trends? If you answer these questions then you might name the revolution based on an understanding of its fundamentals and not with terms used to smear its meaning.

*Personally, I use the term Western culture. I define Western culture as a culture that accepts reason and individualism as its primary foundations. This means that anyone anywhere in the world and at any time may belong to Western culture if they so choose, and Western culture is not relegated to any geographic region and/or corresponding peoples despite the name's implications. Using this term allows one to properly defend a rational culture and revolution as it firmly closes the door to collectivism and focuses the meaning of culture on the individual.

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Actually, the whole of my approach has gone wrong – I wanted to promote a book dealing with many current problems in US, and I adopted a totally wrong approach – for which I also want to say sorry to the entire forum. But I have been hesitating to take any further action because I do not want to end into unnecessary controversies. Still, I will answer you here about: 1. ASP Revolution; 2. Racism (which you think the name will evoke).

Every note-worthy civilization / culture is named after the society that espoused it, like Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Greek etc. Why I named the book / Revolution as above is given within the excerpt from the book.


Some of the direct contributors were the leaders of the European Protestant movements. Some of the indirect contributors too were Europeans like Galileo (who claimed to be a devout Catholic, nevertheless giving strong impetus to the then Protestant demand of freedom of the mind, because of his life long fight with the Church). Point is that the Aristotelian philosophy of reason does not belong to any particular race like the Greeks or the ASPs, it is open to Man the Rational Being, whosoever amongst men chooses to achieve that state. But the ASPs have been relatively the most consistent practitioners of Aristotelian philosophy, of protecting freedom of mind (i.e. man’s freedom to use his own ego) and man’s right to his own life, therefore the name, The Anglo Saxon Protestant Revolution. (We will see ahead, that though the Protestant movement itself started against Christian rule in Germany, the seeds of the fall of Aristotelianism were also sown in Germany – and Germany has contributed a lot to the backward movement. Similarly, even though the earliest contributors to Renaissance were Italians, in later years their contribution is not much; in fact the political rule in Italy shows a similar corruption and chaos as in undeveloped societies, including their role in the two world wars. As a society, the Spaniards are closer to the Italians, though having discovered ‘The New World’, while the French are in between these Europeans and the ASPs. (These are all different mixes of SRS societies – and amongst them, see condition of Latin American societies.) Also, note one important sign of progress – The ASPs were free of dictators much prior to other Europeans – this is an important indicator of level of rationality in society, because if low on rationality, the society ends in dictatorial rule, and dictators have wrecked far more havoc on earth than democracy. While the ASP countries were stable democracies, the leading nations of Europe, France and Germany, were in dictatorial turmoil even in the 19th century (Germany continuing into 20th). Tocqueville, a well-known French thinker of 19th century, made special visit to the US (almost one year duration) to study “the most stable democracy of the time on earth!” Add to it the fact that the Industrial Revolution was mainly grown in England!) As compared to Europeans, the Americans (mainly the English and German Protestants amongst them) have done much more for furthering mankind’s progress and civilization. But beyond that, the reasons why it is not called as American Revolution are given ahead.


Generally post-Renaissance period is called as Western Culture, but I think this hides too many characteristics (particularly individualism) mainly practiced by the Anglo-Saxons – and then it brings in undesirable European traits (relatively more unreason) … etc. My nomenclature separates the wheat from the chaff – or the American from the European. A better name will evolve later on, but at the moment this differentiation between Europe and America is necessary. If this comes from a non-American (citizenship-wise) it will establish / drive the point better. Why I have not called the revolution as American, despite they being the best practitioners, also has sound reason (and knowledge behind it) – but please see it in the attached file, else again there will be an attack of ‘long reply’.

2. Racism: That this is an evil is child’s knowledge – it substitutes individual achievement with qualities of race. Also – that it is still being practiced in ASP societies is open – see the attacks on Indians in Australia at the moment. In fact, I myself was a victim of what I called as MAASPs when I worked in UN, Mighty Australian Anglo Saxon Protestants, wanting to treat me as ‘black coolie’.

But where on earth does racism not exist? India’s caste system is one of the biggest evils in the history of mankind, and yet its originator and perpetrator, the Brahmin, is taken as a scholar all over the earth! I have myself been a huge victim of this evil –victimization, persecution, ostracism, and finally loss of job! So I understand very well, perhaps more than some of you (who may be taking it for granted), the value of the American concept of ‘rights of an individual’. But Racism is practiced in some form or the other all over the earth! Even Japan has some form of it – and every other society will have it. Part clue to this is available in my book as ‘0.5% Ruler Group’, something on the lines of Plato’s Men of Gold (and their assistants, the Men of Silver) in ‘The Republic’.

Are you aware that the American is the biggest emancipator in the history of man-kind? –just as an example, Indians became partly free of this evil because Raja Ram Mohan Roy learnt rationality under the English, Mahatma Phule, the first Indian emancipator of the ‘untouchables’ went to Scottish Mission School where he read biography of George W, and T Payne’s Rights of Man – and Dr. Ambedkar went o Columbia / LSE, finally wrote India’s constitution based on the two ASP constitutions, mainly UK. Which other community on earth could have fought a civil war just to free slaves from religionists, if not the ASPs? In my book there is a detailed reference to Dr. Ambedkar’s article on how much the white American has done for the emancipation of African – Americans, some of whom today seem to be misusing the situation (led by some whites.) For your info, black slaves were available in India also – brought here by Muslim invaders.

Are you aware of another aspect related to the issue of racism, I have called as ‘reverse racism’ in the book?


As much as racism is evil, there is also its complimentary part – Reverse Racism. By inter-changing vice and virtue (explained in the book), religion has falsely imparted righteousness to the non-achievers, to demand payments without merit, at the threat of accusing those who do not give in to such demands – on a mass scale today, that threat consists of accusing others of Racism. I have called it as ‘Reverse Racism’. Such Reverse Racism is presently being practiced in many Semi Rational “democracies” of the world, as wide apart as US and India. In democracies, this tool is used to whip up the sentiments of lower classes of society, for making irrational demands (of unselfishness) from the honest achievers, thereby garnering votes during elections. This has the effect of dividing the society, and aligning otherwise rational men into groups over racial lines, thereby eroding individualism. UNQUOTE.

Today, the American, followed by the white man (i.e. all those of European descent) is universally a victim of ‘reverse racism’. The so many posts that I see on this forum are mostly cases of reverse racism (and there are also some of white man’s racism reported outside.)

Now I just want to curtail and finish off -- The men who are unable to defend such a great legacy as Lincoln’s America – forgive me -- but I have called them as ‘white jug-heads’. Because my blood burns when I consider the injustice to the relatively better people on this score of racism! The book answers all aspects related to this issue and gives solid arguments to strengthen morale and be capable of defending, and tell the ‘reverse racists’ that this is our system, the erst-while ASP ‘way of life’, i.e. individualism, and anybody who follows it will be one of us, while any body resorting to ‘reverse racism’ is our enemy – such an enemy will lead to fights, and to actual racism that some may find expedient to resort to – i.e. the instances of white racism are also a responsibility of ‘reverse racists’ ……….. et cetera.


I am issuing an apology to the forum (for my erroneous approach), and responding to another post titled ‘US Pakistan Relations’ – please see that also to know more about ASP Revolution. Thanks.

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