Letter to My Senators and Rep on Health Care

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... a less obvious slope to single payer....

I just want to make a point about the phrase "single payer" and what it means.

If there is only a "single payer" in the health care market, that means someone must have excluded all the other entities in the field.

How could anyone exclude them? Only by force.

And who has the power to create such a coercive monopoly?

No private party; only a collectivist, rights-violating regime: in the final analysis, a brute with a club (e.g. that "progressive" bastard Obama), implementing the world's oldest social system: bash someone else on the head, and steal his goods.

The doctor who recently pasted Obama's head on the body of a New Guinea native did not misrepresent Obama. Like any other Marxist itching to rule his betters by brute force, he is a primitive throwback to prehistoric times. In fact, chances are the New Guinea native is a much better person. If anyone should feel insulted at the comparison, he should.

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Just for reference, here's the guts of an email I sent to Rush Limbaugh and I will try to pare down and adapt for my representatives:

Right now, I don't know whether Obama is truly ignorant or a deliberate liar, but given the way he parsed the end-of-life debate, claiming that "our" plan "offers" end-of-life counseling, "if requested," when it is mandated in the House bill, under conditions specified by the government, I think the evidence is in that he is a deliberate liar and would do anything to shove this vicious, destructive bill down our throats.

Here's the apex of hypocrisy, and that's saying something:

"Right now, insurance companies are rationing care. They are basically telling you what's covered and what's not. They're telling you, 'We'll cover this drug but we won't cover that drug. You can have this procedure or you can't have that procedure. So why is it that people would prefer having insurance companies make those decisions rather than medical experts and doctors figuring out, you know, what are good deals for care and providing that information to you as a consumer and your doctor so you can make good decisions?"

Obama, at his Astroturfed Town Hall Meeting.

Now, if we want the "medical experts...making those decisions," why not just repeal Kennedy-Kastenbaum and the other Clinton-era HCFA changes which changed the rules and mandated that insurance companies could dictate what treatment was "medically necessary" and what wasn't?

In the 80's, I had a dispute with an insurance company and my doctor told me what to write in my letter to them. He said, simply tell them that my doctor had prescribed this treatment and that they appeared to be "practicing medicine without a license." That was all it took. They could demand that I get a 2nd opinion before approval, but they couldn't rule on whether my treatment was "medically necessary." Even if the head of the insurance company was a doctor, the company was not. Kennedy-Kastenbaum, I think, changed that: Now, a clerk, looking at HL-7, DRG, and ICD-9 codes, in other words looking up letters and numbers in a book, can override my doctor and declare my treatment not covered, not "necessary." That was a government edict.

This also answers Obama's former physician of 22 years, who appeared on Fox and said that he never had trouble with Medicare, it was the insurance companies that gave him trouble. He advocated total government healthcare aggressively. But the answer is, just roll back the legislation that gave the insurance companies the mandate to base their decisions not on doctors' diagnoses and prescriptions, but on government-mandated encoding.

For reference, I worked ca. 5 1/2 years as an IT analyst with Kaiser-Permanente and I watched many of these changes from the inside. Any doctor, like Obama's, who advocates further government intervention into healthcare is either profoundly ignorant of the causes of his pain, or dishonest.

Highest Regards,

Alan N........

Of course this is just a detail (an important one), but "Death by a Thousand Cuts" is part of the strategy to dismember an evil government takeover.

On a side note, it's important to understand that I am not advocating that insurance companies not be allowed to specify what they will cover and what they will exclude: Part of a free market solution is the recognition that they have this fundamental right of contract. But they agreed (at least in my plans) to cover "medically prescribed" treatment for a given diagnosis. They can appeal to another professional for a 2nd opinion, a possibly different judgement of what is indicated, but they can't, after entering into a contract, unilaterally decide that they won't pay a claim arrived at with proper expert opinion.

The DRG, ICD-9, and HL-7 codes can skew both diagnosis and treatment, because some diagnoses and treatments fall through the cracks in the existing codes due to new knowledge and new methods as well as new diseases, etc. There is often no appropriate code for a diagnosis or treatment, but, especially, in an HMO (let alone a fully-government-run healthcare institution), a code is required and one will be input. The medical professionals, with the consent of the patient, should be the opinion of last resort, not a bureaucrat.

Concretizing the problem can make it clear what individuals have to lose in such a system... and what's already been lost, thanks to government intrusion.

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From :

Health care concession riles left; right unmoved

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama's weekend concession on a health care "government option" drew complaints from liberals and scarce interest from Republicans and other critics on Monday ...

Republicans ratcheted up the attacks during the day. Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, the House GOP leader,
likened the administration to a schoolyard bully intent on stealing lunch money,
and accused the nation's drug makers of "cutting a deal with the bully."

In a letter to Billy Tauzin, the head of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Boehner said the industry had agreed to a deal with the White House "in hopes of securing favorable treatment and future profits."

NO DICE, you two-bit communist would-be dictator. We're wise to your cheap tricks! Don't you think we realize you can pressure employers to discontinue private insurance any time you want?

And when you cut deals with Orren Boyles, or pressure decent businessmen with your mafia-like "offers you can't refuse," that doesn't change a damn thing about you. We know you're a power-lusting Marxist who hates freedom and wants to destroy America.


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12 NOON - 3 PM


Just go to and click on your state, to find the local office of your congressman.

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Sylvia Bokor gives Walmart a piece of her mind, at :

A Letter to Lee Scott, CEO of Wal-Mart on Wal-Mart's Support of The Government Taking Over Health Care

by Sylvia Bokor (August 23, 2009)

Dear Mr. Scott,

I was shocked to read that Wal-Mart's supports socialized medicine. ... You are supporting statism, which has always sought to destroy the free market, while looting the profits of men like Sam Walton.

Don't you recognize that by supporting government take over of the medical profession, you are supporting government take over of every other business, too? ...

Do not dishonor the name of Wal-Mart by supporting a health care bill that no one has read but is being pushed through Congress with maniacal speed. If the bill passes it will be the death of the free market in medicine and ultimately the death of the free-market in many other businesses, too. Don't help the government do this. Rescind your support of it.

Go here to e-mail Walmart:

or write them at

702 SW 8th Street

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Bentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611

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Regarding the letter I sent, I received a response from my representative, republican Blaine Luetkemeyer, weeks ago. He said that he does not think more government taxes nor mandates are the answer. He has some idea for a plan where small businesses can pool resources to get the same deal as corporations on health insurance, and he also believes in tax credits and benefits to allow Americans to buy health insurance. He is a small business owner.

I also got a response from republican Senator Kit Bond last week. He is against national health care. He said it would “ration care and deny Missourians access to the latest cures and treatments”. He also said: “To propose such a huge expansion of government at a time when our deficit is spiraling out of control would require big tax increases and saddling our children and grandchildren with even more debt they will have to repay. Perhaps the biggest fear is that American will be forced to leave the health coverage they currently have. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), that is a very real concern.”

Bond said he wants to “work with” democrats on some sort of bipartisan solution to the health care problem. One thing he has in mind is reforming malpractice laws to get rid of junk lawsuits, and he wants to encourage “wellness, prevention and disease management programs”

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill has not yet responded.

Anyway, I thought I’d give an update. I wanted to post the quote from Bond, because it has confirmation of the concerns of many of those protesting at town halls.

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