Science Brain Bogglers (Round 1?)

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Well, my question has been aptly answered by Bob.

The Coriolis Force so weak that it won't manifest itself on small scales and short time durations like you find with fluid flow in your bathroom sinks. To see the 'force' at work you need to have large scale movement across the Earth.

But the Coriolis Force is responsible for making hurricanes rotate the direction they do, as their movement is on a large enough scale to be effected by this 'force'

Here is a website with interesting information, hosted by a professor at a university:

I say 'force' because it is not really a force, but the effect of an object moving in a non-inertial reference frame.

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Warning: If you already know the answer to these questions, THEN DON'T ANSWER THEM; you are ruining the fun for other people, and a zombie Michael Faraday will hunt you down if you do.

With that said, here goes:

It can be trivially shown that it is impossible for the magnetic field to do work on a charged particle, regardless of its state of motion.

If this is true, how do magnets lift objects? Alternatively, prove (if possible) that magnetic fields can do work on a charged particle if you disagree with the prior assertion.

Have fun.

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