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Jawaid Bazyar

Kevorkian references Rand

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Thanks for referring to this. I find the interview a very mixed bag (it's not clear what they're discussing, at times), and Dr. Kevorkian a very mixed bag--pessimistic about life; but he makes a few good points:

KEVORKIAN: Well, we have a lot of traits of fascism in this country. Any Rand predicted it, and said it is happening. And there are 14 principles of fascism by a man named Lawrence Brit, who was with the Czechoslovak intelligence service. And you, and America fits all 14 principles.

CAVUTO: So, you think we are done as a country?

KEVORKIAN: Well, we are done as a free country, yes. We are all enslaved and sheep. Most people are sheep. They cry when they have economic problems. "Do something for me," they say to the government. That did not happen in the old days. They went out and farmed. Unfortunately, we got technology, which changed our way of living, so that you must ask for a job.

CAVUTO: So, you think all these handouts, I got you, so the handouts, the bank rescues, the auto rescues, the auto sales clunker program, all of that — you would have none of it?

KEVORKIAN: Well, I do not know if I would have none of it, but I would not have the degree we have now. Look it, you cannot transgress a natural right. That is the problem in this country. Natural rights are not honored.

The founding fathers founded this country based on natural rights, you are born with them. They are not created by law. You cannot transfer them to anybody. You are born with them until you die. You want to prove it? Look at a baby, the most free person in the world. Try to dictate to a baby what is illegal. Try to make a baby stop something because it is illegal.


KEVORKIAN: When you transplant a heart from a baboon into a baby, as we did, and you say the body of that baby is sacred, does that profane heart from the baboon become sacred when you place it in the body? Or when you take out a gallbladder and throw it in the garbage, is that a sacred gallbladder in the garbage, or as soon as it is out of its body it loses its sanctity?

You see the silliness of our mythology? Children ask the questions I'm just asking now. The trouble is, children get slapped for asking questions like that because they have no defense. But you can't slap me. I can ask the question. It's a logical question.

You say the body is sacred. What do you mean by that. It is Godlike, divine? Then all of your organs are, your intestines are, and they must have divine contents, too, your intestines, can you imagine that?

CAVUTO: There is a thought there. But were you always, Doctor...

KEVORKIAN: There's a thought because nobody thinks.

CAVUTO: Were you always with these views? Like, when you were a kid growing up, did you grow up in a religious family? Did you believe in God? Did you believe...


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