The Mighty F-22

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I saw the F-22 that you bought to our attention on Youtube.com in the video,

"F-22 Raptor Airshow Demo HIGH SPEED-MUST SEE!"

At the end of the clip the plane flew vertically, descended tail first, rotated nose up over to upside down, did a complete 360^ rotation backwards about a lateral axis, and then flew away right side up. All that appeared to have been done while falling straight down.

Bill Whittle of PJTV.com reported on an F-22 demonstration. The plane practices with F-15s. Each F-15 can shoot down two other F-15s in practice. The F-22, however, can shoot down 16 F-15 foes in practice without the foes ever seeing the F-22 or knowing that the F-22 was there.

Our politicians are failing us, and it appears that they are going to allow the US technological life blood to be dribbled away to other nations. That to me is treasonous. Properly, the USA should command irreducible air superiority. We should have 500 F-22s and 500 F-35s for other purposes. With a little automation of the assembly line, who knows if the price each couldn't come down to $1M.


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