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MODERATION - What to Expect

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MODERATION - What to Expect

We expect members of THE FORUM to follow the THE FORUM Rules and Guidelines, but if a moderator decides you haven't, this is what might happen:


It is very important to write your posts carefully because, once you post them, they can't be edited by the members or the moderators and they remain a part of the public record. If a moderator decides your post violates our Rules and Guidelines, it will be removed from THE FORUM and returned to you in a Private Message (PM), along with an explanation as to why the post was deleted.


A minor infraction of the guidelines may lead to a PM from a moderator reminding you of the rules. More serious violations are handled by a formal warning system that increases the warning meter shown on your profile and to the left of your posts. Only you and the moderators can see your warning meter.

If a moderator issues a formal warning, you will get a PM from the moderator telling you the reason for the warning. If this ever happens to you, it might be a good time to review THE FORUM Rules and Guidelines. Our members are mostly quality people so we expect very few to get more than one warning. If necessary, however, a member's posts can be set for moderator review and require approval before appearing on THE FORUM. In particularly bad cases, posting privileges can be suspended.


If you see a serious violation of our Rules and Guidelines (not just a minor problem), report it to the moderators by using the "REPRT" button below the offending post. The moderator will acknowledge your report but he may not get back to you about its resolution. Rest assured, we take all reports seriously. Since we can't always review all posts, we count on members to spot and REPRT repeated or serious violations of THE FORUM rules.

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