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I'll sum up the culture: a woman, fresh off a jet fighter flight through the Alps, was approached by leftist media (is there a place in the world, aside from Fox News, where media is not leftist?) which tried to guilt her by asking her what she thought about the terrible environmental impact of what she just did (burn up 3 tonnes of kerosene and scream at 100+dB at the peaceful, but not purple, Kuhen). "Guilty? No, I feel GREAT!" Oh, and that woman is 40 and runs a large law firm. People like her are probably the reason why the Europeans find it so difficult to apply their extensive freedom curtailing measures to the Swiss.

Many Swiss do value their own personal freedom, in a sense. But the majority of them evidently do not understand the concept of individual rights. One piece of evidence for that is that they imagine that a violation of freedom of religion (i.e. banning mosques) can be self-defense. Another piece of evidence is that they have a long-standing policy of restrictions on immigration.

And when you come down to it, Switzerland is a welfare state, albeit not nearly as extreme as my own Sweden.

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