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The Poetry of Rohin Gupta

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How Howard Roark inspires me.


I sit, confronted and quandering.

Riddle in automatons.

Task mammoth, beyond me.

On Heller hill, I see you

Over Enright blueprint, Stoddard model.

Eiffel is you, transcending La' defense.

My window view, Techpark skyrise.

Its all you.

Architect of gigantia,

Researches that revolutionize.

Flattening far and here....

....Each musing dearest of dear.

I see thee within me.

"The Unmoved Prime Mover," I am rattled by you.

Swooping the thoughts, Intriguing my essentia.

Stagnant self, agog again.


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Ravi & Cache


Quite Brilliant, Somewhat Spectacular,

And A programmer unparalled.....

Dreamy eyes, jovial outlook, Urgency unexplained

Destination Banglore, Planet Earth,

The World undiscovered.... Ravi's World.

"What defines me?", He sometime asks.

Cubicle 062, Extn-1293, IPAddress nn.nnn.nn.144

e-Mail :

......Echoes a familiar voice within.

His assignments.... The chores too detestable!

Just another day, one more work, CACHE implementation.

No one wants Ravi gets it.

Abstract, The design doc;

But love at first sight... for the first time.

A zillion questions unanswered, billion paths untrodden.

The wondering mind starts thinking.

Shruti speaks, The music exquisite, Rhythm of words.

Hari laughs; A chuckle that completes infinitely serious contemplation.

....And perfectly punctuated Shilpa talk.

Ravi unaware, moves on, gathering tools for the cache so huge.

Notes jotted, algorithms plotted;

Options analyzed, weighed, and many discarded.

Deadline is near, The code to stear

Testing Plans are Tickling.

Never so involved, nor complete....

Not a thought but She.

Each parameter... A Mountain to climb

Through complicated caverns, finds a beautiful mind.

The saga of cache, Ravi's own story

People uninterested, His sacred, special, untinged glory.

Designers, Developers, Testers... Come and may go

Even after Ravi, the cache will flow.

Increments and changes, purpose never fully complete....

He believed, He embraced, The joy of feat.


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A search for identity.


What is life

An eternal strife

Walk over the cloud

On a razor sharp knife..

Uncountable medals, in a purposeless race

Thoughtful existence, not just a chase

Only this and no more?

I definitely want to see the core...

Driven by the aimless goal

To fetch answer for my Soul

Flicker inside, my only confide

I begin a journey, the quest for life....

Anxiety within, confused outside

Heart beats high with every stride

Solitary steps, nothing to fend

Nerves are tense, so uncertain is end...

I encounter a word, known as ultimate destiny

God it is called, religion its path

Motivated by history, I suffix it in my quest

Instead of solace, it deepens the unrest..

I travel through snowy mountains

And read stunning book

With trusted people I toiled

But the quest unresolved, resides..

A venture is started, quest deep within

Few conversations promise, and then give in

Everything changes, but still remains the Quest

I guess it needs nothing, but the Best.

Not in mountains, neither in books

In greatest endeavors it was not to be

And then like a pilgrim I see

Answer to The Quest is within me!

Life is a path, milestoned by years

Religion its synonym, for conquering the fears

Me, my Complete Self, was the God I always knew

It is nothing, but the Best within me & you.


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Wall, Window, a door; An Ocean or Shore

Eventual success, its source; Cascading Failures, their core

A self-ignited Rhythm, An Aura commanding submission?

Misunderstood, Wrongly construed, realized lately; EGO.

They say, a pitfall beyond recovery

I walk from Self, towards Self-discovery

Raising isolations, a loner you die

Saluting I, the concept of my.

Mirage they say, selfish to the bone

An Odyssey I truly call my own.

Helpless you suffer, the nullity society offers

An association at par; Winners ultimately we all are.

Revolt with all, an unforgiving fall

Innovation triumphs, A rising within.

The silent you, A mute protagonist

Assertive me, aspiring egoist.

For Justice we turn to nature, the everlasting creation

Blooming meadows, radiant Hills; Capturing ciphered connotations.

Understanding beauty, Its fundamental node

Projecting self, the tacit code.

Come Summers, faded leaves, dull & dry

Radiance loses punch, Lost in collectivism.

The Monsoon pours, Fronds blossom apiece

Inducing clarity, essence to the elegance of trees.

Atoms exhibiting mass strength, still individual Quantas they have

A mind of its own, Heisenberg rules the roost.

Chemical bonding, an objective give and take

Says conservation, vacuums cannot make.

Soul’s Keeper, Window to an inner space

Eternal voyage; Energizing, also the resting place.

Vitality of ocean, Composure of Shore

My Ego, A Fortress, an Antidote, The Nature’s door.

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The Spark, Enchanting.

Moment Elegantly joyful…

Beginning, and End;Simultaneous, Spontaneous.

Ephemeral, Enlightened, Actualized now.

Still, Statue Still;

Point not Past, Nor beyond.

Not Fantastic, Neither Spectacular

Routine Day takes off…

Morn Bustles; Synchronized, Classified, Optimized.

Life’s A Finite state machine…. And I love it.

Flurry, Those Rapid Transitions;

And then the stop…Bus stop.

I pause, World moves on….

A million millennia of evolution

Centuries of revolution

Through this instant;reflected, assimilated.

Back and Forth, Passes Traffik swift

Henry Ford, A root node.

Mystique inventor, The wheels swivel on.

From core, By a volcano;

Morphed, Denudated, Transported through

Randomly specks roam.

Good morning Mr. Brown

Your motion we see.

Enough gazing Gentlemen, A wagon stops by.

On Board, On Air; Energetic She.

Blossom of Spring, Her Name.

Romanticism of Autumn; The Melody….

Spirited Summer, This Voice

With wintry Euphony, My colleagues are Fixated…

Comes to halt, The ride of joy

Skyscrapers Rise, Roark I see.

Queue for coupons, String of orders

An efficient hand, prompt mind.

Ten times worth the wait

Encapsulated Fruit Bowl.

Congregation of yields;

Orchards, And Nature…. Unleashed

To Office Cafeteria, through elevator I ascend.

DI-HYDROGEN-OXIDE;Traveling from nano filters, Into the vessel, And Cleaning Clogged Esophagus.

Mails shout, Inbox screams, Attachments sing…

Series of Sips… and so begins my Professional Epoch.

Splitting Hours…Expounding seconds

Me the master, Timeline rolls on…

The Hustle; Bewildering yet pulsating.

Work piles, Deadlines Smile, Efforts move.

Micro breaks I scamper,

And suddenly the tasks swell.

Comes Lunchtime, Break I must, Though the duty calls….

…. And some more tickets, Slowly the procession progresses.

A chuckle somewhere, Humming I hear.

Clip, the Clap; On keyboard Hands flap.

… And thus moves the Day.

Twilight arrives; But Don’t respite

For the schedule is tight.

Dusk drowns, The night engulfs; Darkness powerless to…

An ocean of technology, I am the drifting Drop

Completing the infinite incomplete.

Awaits me, The dinner Diligently Cooked

Synchronized, Classified, Optimized;

My job, my day, my being..

No hours, Not minutes, Neither split seconds

Evanescent; I live Ephemeral, My life shall be Eternal.

- Rohin

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Soft Elegance, Titillating touch

Untinged purity, no nerves or blush.

Its own world, limited surrounds

Universe unparalleled, Infinite inquisitive bounds.

Hows & Whys, Imagination runs wild

Flying up above, The Quests of Child.

Creating Cognitive inroads, By Its own terms

Incredulous urge, to grow and learn.

Time flies, And so does the Child

Society penetrates, Taming the wild.

Inquisitiveness whipped, Its wings clipped

Horizons wane, But the core still remains.

Learning new traits, Polishing existing Skills

Holding the conqueror, Maturity; the conscious Will.

Fabricated over the core, Layers keep growing

Adolescent’s circular travails, give illusion of flowing.

A whiff of change, Revolution occurs

A sudden transformation, leaves routine in tatters.

Unpredictability swoops, Chaos prevails

Abandon microscopic islands, prepare for Sail.

Unwilling yet responsive, Adolescent digs deep

Layered plates shatter, Awakening Child’s sleep

Fantasies of young, Skills of Old

Rediscovered Receptive Mind, Unleashes the Hold.

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Torrid times, Culture in chaos

Accelerating unrestrained, Velocity of Life

Sprinting the hurdled marathon, only way to survive

Plunging dives, Ecstasy they derive.

Customs challenged, an era has begun

Silent salutations; To revolution the rising sun

Isolations terminated, New Hubs are created

Creators Gather, Their souls suddenly uplifted.

A Land Unheard, accentuating Placid Life

Promising Value; Charity to none, Fairness for all

Live your ideals, Pursue Thy dreams

Visualizing beyond agony, spectacular revolution seems.

Battling;; Inertia of Past, with passion in present

Thinking Minds’ assimilation, The Revolution’s reagent.

Struggling for security, Myths won’t give up

Striving for change, Passion won’t wane.

Toughest of all, The Transition period

Legacy uprooted, Reseeding not yet there.

In tempest, a Generation caught Unaware

Neurotic Storms Rising, Unanswered Questions Stare.

Chained and connected, preparing for an assault

No experience, Nor precedence; But suicidal shall be the halt.

Unmoved by applause, Channelizing inner rage

A Revolution, The Generation; For survival, Greatness they must Chase.

Journey Just concluded, Chains collapsed, A Bond still remains

Through mighty desert dunes, onto pastures they came.

In mammoth chaos, Discovering destiny by raising stakes

A Generation, The Revolution; Unsung conquerors it makes.

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Lazy, Hazy, Being so Motionless.

Not Answers, Its Questions I seek.

Queries that faze, Jolting the Existent

Yearning to Reign, Ascendancy to Squash

They Pulverize the Reasoning, Conceptual Judgment is fettered.

The Tangled Shackles Enslave, Cannot let Go.

Endure But Rise, Resolves that Revive.

Perfection, Excellence, To Strive, Maybe Err..

To Discern, Comprehend, Flourish Therefore.

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Seemingly insignificant imagery, ripples rise & rise

Tides of time; events vivid but jumbled.

Photographic flashes, Lightning strikes unaware

Troubled, terrific walk; The Doors unlock.

The hills, that snow; through scenics I go

Reverberating river, recurring echoes, floating mind

Sensibilities uncovered, The valley that inspired

Moments, travails, their trail; through aggregation I sail.

Her exquisite face, Most exuberant grace

The paintbrush that talked, And sparkling She.

Enlightened; A virtuous lady, mystic intellect.

Chirpy them, Listening me;

An Untinged innocent glimpse, captured for life.

Through crossroads, a stroll with solitude

Fragrances unparallel, the vision, a new perspective gained.

Those confused states, losing myself; Rediscovery and more

Auxiliary Know-How, Penetrating the core.

Elapsing in dust, Remembrances escape death

A solo Spectator, The World in play

Infinite Past, Defining now, Eternity to follow.

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