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Although I know John's statements/post were meant in a joking manner they reminded me of the "analytic-sythetic dichotomy." Many people in other threads and posts have attempted to claim that I do not discuss the subject under discussion and some have even attempted to claim that all I keep doing is repeating myself and state that their examples are full of contradictions, irrational and illogical. Well, that is because I think they are. I also define the entities unders discussion so that people can fully understand what each entity under disussion can do in accordance to it's nature. I also list out things that I have experienced in the areas under discussion to give validity to my claims/premises. For the most part it seems that people see my listing of those experiences as bragging about my endearvors which it is never meant to be. Instead of what most seem to think my knowledge comes from the application of logic to my experiences.

Leonard Peikoff states: "Any theory that propounds an oppostion between the logical and the empirical, represents a failure to grasp the nature of logic and its role in human cognition. Man's knowledge is not acquired by logic apart from experience or by experience apart from logic, but the application of logic to experience. All truths are the product of a logical identification of the facts of experience."

So, when I offer that people get a fundamental understanding of the nature of the human body so that they will be able to tell when there is a contradiction in someone's "new premise" that is why. And that is also why I offer so many books based on the nature of specific entities and not usually another person's ideas about what they think is going on. If one understands the nature of an entity which seemingly contradicts another person's claim, then they can easily and quickly discard the idea/premise as false and move on in their attempt to find what is really happening, in other words the truth.

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