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From my friend, Sharlee McNamee:

Dear Friends, Supporters and Family:

If the networks and news publications realize the public's breadth of dissatisfaction and disgust at the California Coastal Commission's methods of oppression, they may be encouraged to continue featuring items concerning the violation of private property rights. Public awareness and discussion is the only hope for informing the citizens of California and changing the culture of collectivism being imposed by unelected government entities.

Please forward this post to everyone in your address book with a note asking that they do the same.

George and I will be interviewed again, here at our home on Tues., Mar. 1st by Fox News. It will be broadcast Wed., March 3rd between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM, so you may rather set your Tivo than rise that early. The links to two previous interviews are:



Link to the article in the O.C.Register is:




The link to the article in the Daily Pilot is:

Please post an email to the stations and to the newspapers stating how you stand on the issues regarding the CCC and on the issue of private property rights. An example of a possible statement is: "We commend your publication for covering the terrible abuse of power by the California Coastal Commission concerning the Mc Namees' beach property. American freedom is threatened by unelected agencies such as this which extend power and authority far beyond the purpose originally intended by the voters of California." Feel free to copy, change and/or use any/all of that statement and alter it as you wish.

The contact info for the O.C.Register is:

The contact info for the Daily Pilot is:

If you have the time and are inclined, please write your governor, congressmen and representatives as well. You can find their contact info at the following web site:




Lastly, and very importantly, we include here the web site for the organization comprised of real American patriots to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude for their legal representation on our behalf,

The Pacific Legal Foundation

We thank you sincerely for your interest, support and efforts.

George & Sharlee McNamee

3329 Ocean Blvd.

Corona del Mar, CA 92625

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This case has been discussed on the Forum previously here and here, and is also discussed in "The California Coastal Commission: A Case Study in Governmental Assault on Property Rights" in The Objective Standard, Winter 2009-2010, by Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Paul Beard, who represented the McNamee's before the appeal court.

Abuses like this have taken place for decades and still are accelerating all over the country as viro government agencies deliberately and cynically trample private property rights. You never hear about most of them or what happened to the victims. The McNamees are at least fortunate to have a first rate -- the best in this field -- pro-bono law foundation representing them; most people are simply bullied and steamrolled in silence. But the McNamees' support is one of only relative "good fortune" -- to be bullied and threatened by thugs for years, with no guarantee of beating them back, is personal, extended torture for anyone to have to endure. It is no trifling matter having your life deliberately and continuously wrecked by bullies like this.

The California Coastal Commission has a long record of ideological, anti-private property abuse. An early account of this agency and its destructive impact is the chapter "Save the Coast" in Gughemetti and Wheeler, The Taking, 1981. The original Proposition 20 creating the Coastal Commission in 1972 stated this about private property along the coast:

The People of the State ["Peoples' State"] of California hereby find and declare that the California Coastal Zone is a distinct and natural resource belonging to all the people and existing as a delicately balanced ecosystem; that the permanent protection of the remaining natural and scenic resources of the Coastal Zone is a paramaount concern to present and future residents of the State and nation; that in order to promote the public safety, health, welfare, and to protect public and private property, wildlife, marine fisheries and other ocean resources in the natural environment, it is necessary to preserve the ecological balance of the Coastal Zone and prevent its further deterioration and destruction; that it is the policy of the State to preserve, protect and, where possible, to restore the resources of the Coastal Zone for the enjoyment of the current and succeeding generations. [emphases added]
"Mr. Thompson" couldn't have expressed it any more unclearly, but you know what every tortured phrase in that obscenity means and is intended to put over.


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March 03, 2010

California Man Fights Legal Battle to Keep His Own Backyard

By William La Jeunesse


George McNamee wakes up every morning fighting for his rights -- the freedom to use a picnic table, shed and shower in his own Corona Del Mar, Calif., backyard...

full article and slide show

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The New York Times promotes the California Coastal Commission fascistic control over private property. Their enemy is the Pacific Legal Foundation and, as the Times puts it, "what it calls" land rights.

The question now is whether both Mr. Douglas, 67, and the 12-member commission can weather the state’s next budget and continue enforcing the 1976 Coastal Act, whose work has helped keep one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines largely undeveloped...

Mr. Douglas is strongly identified with his agency in part because he was a co-author of both the ballot initiative that created it and the 1976 law making the agency permanent.

Over the years, commission actions have helped create thousands of acres of parklands and public trails and preserve much of Highway 1 as a two-lane road weaving through farmland, rocks and empty dunes...

A San Mateo County Superior Court judge ruled last month that the commission had acted unlawfully in insisting that a Half Moon Bay resident who was seeking a permit to build a 6,500-square-foot house on agricultural land devote most of the 140 surrounding acres to farming or grazing.

“They were out of line,” said the owner, Dan Sterling, adding that his children would have been prevented from ever subdividing the property.

Mr. Douglas countered that the commission might appeal the judge’s ruling, adding that “it would be foolish of us” to allow conversion of agricultural land at a time of increasing concerns about local food supplies.

Mr. Douglas’s most consistent opposition has come from the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation, which has spent an average of $500,000 annually in recent years on what it calls its Coastal Land Rights Project. The foundation, based in Sacramento, accuses the agency of violating property owners’ rights and unconstitutionally confiscating their assets by insisting on unreasonable concessions in return for development rights.

Full article here.

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