A Poem by Brian Faulkner

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Brian wrote to me, 'Gret's "Poem" appealed to me, but it had that dryness (lack of music) which so much modern poetry has, so I re-did it to satisfy myself.'

I wrote back, "Yours is a soul in the universe in four short lines. I like it very much. Thank you.

If I were to illustrate it I would choose: Girl at the Window."

Brian said "Yes, that would be an agreeable illustration."

With Brian's permission I offer it here:


Sky black, stars bright;

I stare back at window glass,

Right through me light,

And pass.

--Brian Faulkner



Girl at the Window

Oils on Blue Cathedral Glass

20 x 16"


This is a novelty, an experiment. I rigged up a way for a tiny light (smaller than a little Christmas tree light) to shine through the window, showing an ultramarine color, the color of the glass it was painted on, imitating a clear night sky out the window. The window was not painted over. I left it the pure smooth glass. On the wall is a painting of my "Portrait of Gret"


Portrait of Gret

Oils on Canvas

14 x 11" (oval)


It's she who is looking out the window. So you see in the tiny painting what she looks like if you were to see her from the other side of the window.

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