A Cure for Alcoholism

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If there is anyone who, like me, has struggled with alcoholism, I highly recommend this book. "The End of My Addiction" by Olivier Ameisen M.D.

And get out there and obtain a prescription for Baclofen.

Since 1996, I was drinking on average 10 beers a day for 2 months at a time and then would quit by free will for 2 to 3 months. Twice I quit for 1 year. But always that craving. That desire for the way it was in that evasion of reality world of alcohol.

Baclofen suppresses cravings and any interest in alcohol. I've never taken illegal drugs except for marijuana in Vietnam a few times (and it always made me more paranoid than I already was) back in the rear between patrols -- never on patrol. Dr. Ameisen claims that Baclofen even cures Cocaine addiction overnight.

“You have discovered the treatment for addiction.” —Jean Dausset, M.D., winner of the 1980 Nobel Prize in Medicine

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