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Loacker wafer cookies

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I'm not sure how well known Loacker are. I just bumped into them in a well-known NY Metro supermarket chain that sells a good deal of foodie stuff on the cheap.

What I love about this product is that it's packed with genuine flavor; not ungodly amounts of sweeteners, not artificial flavorings that taste more like cough medicine than the ingredient they're meant to substitute for. So the hazelnut wafers are packed with toasted hazelnut that have been pulverized into the cream filling, the coconut wafer filling is made 26% coconut flakes, etc.

They make these wafers in a variety of flavors. So far I've enjoyed the hazelnut, coconut, and chocolate. I like the intensity of the espresso, dark chocolate and lemon flavors, but they do push the balance of the more intense varieties way past what people that are used to the usual wafer cookies might be comfortable with. The orange were OK, as were the black currant (the fruit flavors I've tried so far had a bit too much acidity for my taste, but they were as well done as the flavors I loved.) I didn't like the cappuccino wafers.

Fairway retails these in re-sealable half pounds bags that retail for $3.50.

(Fairway Market: What's with the sad produce over the last few years?)

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