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New York Sun LTE

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Hello everyone,

The following was printed in the 6/2 edition of NYSun. It's in response to the Sun's review of "Red Star Over Hollywood":

"In 'What Made Them Talk,' Christopher Willcox asserts that, 'Artists, even empty-headed actors, should not be denied a livelihood because of their political beliefs.'

"Setting aside that most of those blacklisted did far more than just hold radical political views, there can be no such thing as immunity from how others chose to respond to one's beliefs and actions -- not in a free society.

"The mechanisms needed to provide such immunity negate the very concept 'Rights.'

"Right, Mr. X?"

<End LTE>

(Mr. X is a Republican who lives in New York's Upper West Side. His OpEds discuss the hostility he's subjected to by the UWS's Ubber-Lefties.)

The piece I replied to with the above featured a popular pic of Ms. Rand being sworn in by HUAC. The pic's caption reads, "NAMING NAMES/ Ayn Rand testi-/fies at a HUAC/ meeting in 1947."

I reread Ms. Rand's HUAC testimony, here:

To stretch the term "Naming Names" to apply to Ms. Rand's testimony is to negate language.

If anyone would like to send a quick note to the Sun:

Thanks for reading,


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