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Happy Birthday, Jericho???

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Palestinians need learn how to plan an event.

Jericho Birthday

Imagine you turned 10,000 years old — and nobody showed up at your birthday party.

That's a bit how they're feeling in the ancient West Bank city of Jericho, believed to be one of the world's oldest continually inhabited settlements.

Three years ago, Palestinians made big plans for Jericho's historic birthday. Nobody really knows the exact anniversary, but Palestinians thought 10-10-10 had a good ring to it.


But when Oct. 10 rolled around, the party — to say the least — fell flatter than the city's walls once did.

A single balloon floated over the city square, a local band named Culture Shock performed on a portable stage, and some new artwork and an ancient mosaic were unveiled.


Palestinian officials are now trying to put their best face forward, deemphasizing Sunday's festivities and saying that the celebrations will continue over four to five years.

"This is just the kickoff," said Khouloud Daibes, the Palestinian Authority's minister of tourism. "Besides, whatever we did would not have been enough to give this occasion its proper value."


"We're 10,000 years old and we don't even have a sewage system," Mayor Hassan Saleh said.

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