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A number of members of THE FORUM have at times attacked my ideas, and these attacks have been groundless. I want the respective writers to have corrected their ideas and to make apologies.

Where I have made mistakes in my writings, I have made errors, and I have found that some readers of THE FORUM have pointed them out. Thank you for that. I hope that I have made the necessary corrections. I won't name names. If, for fictional example, a scientist from Princeton U. who has a PhD. in astrophysics says that there was a Big Bang or original creation of the universe where there was nothing prior, I, in this fictional example, would have pointed out the error, possibly in a post on THE FORUM. If I were to have been called out because I said that the comments violated the principles of the Existence Axiom, continuity of the universe principle, the Identity Axiom, or actual facts of physics identified by experiment and measurement, that counter attack would have been erroneous. Attacks or criticisms of my ideas for such reasons would have been erroneous. Such ideas need to be corrected.

The historical record on THE FORUM must be correct. Ethics requires that posters on the FORUM who write true ideas must not have their ideas demeaned.

My grammar has not been perfect, especially regarding the identification and expression of new, and yet true, scientific concepts. I find that it is difficult to edit the posts, and due to the rules of quotations some of the errors remain unchanged and uncorrected. What would have been preferable would have been that the commentators suggested a better approach for my writings based upon the factual and logical premises that they would suggest. That is true constructive criticism of the highest order, and I would welcome that type of discussion. Those commentators would have my respect.

If a commentator in the spirit of rational interpretation had suggested a new and improved way of saying the intended concepts, or shown the errors of the identifications or logic they would have my attention. That is what constructive ethical and scientific criticism is all about. I would meet their reply to the best of my abilities and knowledge with a revision that is respectfully made in terms of facts, logic and inductive reasoning. Those person would deserve credit. That type of moral and intellectual action is what THE FORUM graciously permits.

To non-scientific commentators of my ideas I have avoided making replies of the back-and-forth type, and some commentators have objected to the fact that I have not responded to their non-scientific comments or to mere argumentation.

The authors of the attacks of my ideas need to review their ideas and to make corrections. Accordingly, I would make the appropriate factual and logical changes to any specific sentence or premise that I wrote, and that has been shown to be in error. I would not reply to blanket condemnations of my ideas.

Also, publicly on THE FORUM and in private emails sent to me, I have received messages that identified me in terms of profane language. Another person has, in not too specific terms, asked to leave THE FORUM, and it has been further suggested that if I don't nicely go along with the attacks and comments against me that I could write my own blogs or on HPO. That is unacceptable. I have made no moral, factual, or logical errors, and if I have, or found that a revision of my writings was called for, I have made the appropriate revisions. Nor have I, except in one example where I though what I had written was humorous, been discourteous. If there is more work to do I will do so.

I don't want my posted ideas to be attacked or falsely demeaned with groundless comments. History requires that all posts be true.

I have removed as much of my profile information, images and writings from the FORUM as I was able. When the commentators who have attacked my writings and character have been removed or quit THE FORUM I will apply to the FORUM to be reinstated.

I ask that all my writings and ideas on science, art, economics and political science, for example, that I have posted on THE FORUM and elsewhere be checked for accuracy and correct identification by all members of THE FORUM who care to do so. I will reply.

Thank you all who have found a degree of value in what I have written.


These selected appropriate rules of THE FORUM are quoted verbatim.

THE FORUM Rules and Guidelines

1. You do not have to have knowledge of, or agree with, all of Objectivism, but you should be here because you value Ayn Rand's ideas and want to learn more about them. If your goal is to argue with, "convert," exploit, or insult Ayn Rand, her ideas, her admirers, and/or the Ayn Rand Institute, this is definitely not the place for you. Trolling[*], proselytizing, and flaming posts will be deleted, and those who post them may be permanently banned.

b. Profanity. There are definitely occasions for what Ayn Rand called "the kind of language I do not like to see in print" -- but not on THE FORUM. If you want to express profound and extreme evaluations, be clever and create your own alternatives to the usual overused and offensive curse words.

3. Be sure that your posts are well-grounded in facts and logic because, if they're not, other members of THE FORUM will call you on it. You might find that educational, but it can also be very embarrassing. If you're not really sure about something, ask a question instead of making an ill-informed assertion.

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Inventor does not agree with the way I am managing THE FORUM and the way other members of THE FORUM have responded to his posts. I have deleted many of his posts because I have judged them in violation of the FORUM Rules and Guidelines and contrary to the standards I wish to maintain here.

By mutual agreement, we are going our separate ways. I am suspending Inventor's posting privileges, but he is free to read anything on THE FORUM that he wishes to as a guest. I am also closing this thread right now and any further comments members may have can be sent to me in a PM.

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