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Of all the sects of Islam, it is the Twelver (or "Ithna'ashari") Shi'a sect that is the most philosophically developed. This is the dominant philosophy in Iran with the "Supreme Leaders" (called "Ayatullah", literally meaning "Sign of God") leading the way for their sheep.

Their philosophy is based on a systematic dissociation of "existence" (what they call "wujood") and "attributes" (what they call "mahiyat"), which they say do not have primacy. They will juxtapose the two in an example, say of fire, and say that if you think of fire, it does not burn your brain from the inside out because what you have in your mind are the "attributes" while a "real" fire will certainly burn you if you get too close. They conveniently ignore the fact that the thought of fire in a person's mind is a memory (i.e. a separate existent) with attributes of its own, and does not burn, while an actual fire is another existent entirely with separate attributes, and burns inflammable things that get too close.

The whole point of these mind games (which can cause serious headaches, mind you ;)) is to prove the existence of God. In fact, the only example they have of what they are ultimately trying to prove (i.e. that there can be an existent without attributes a.k.a. God) is what they are trying to prove.

I do not mention other sects here (there are 73 of them in all, believe it or not) as being more dangerous than the Shi'as because they are either too small (in number of followers) or too stupid (like the Sunnis, who say "kaf lisaan" or "hold your tongue" even when talking about something as trivial as the character of the Muhammad's "companions" because "who are we to judge them?"). The Sunnis, although they form the majority of Muslims, even the really extreme Wahabi Sunnis (who are in power in Saudia Arabia), do seem to understand the stick, which is the only thing they know. The Shia's on the other hand, are aware of, and systematically attempt to subvert the mind. They represent the most evolved and thus the most insidious form of Islam.

If we are in a war (and we are), Shi'a Islam is what is leading our foes (although they are many and various) into battle.

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