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iPhone Brownshirt App

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A the age of the citizen snitch network has arrived.

A new iPhone App, "PatriotApp" has appeared. I have read that is was created by DHS managers, though I don't know for sure.

The developer sites these Key Features:


Integrated into Federal Agencies points of contacts






Enable citizens to record and communicate:

National Security, Suspicious activities, Crime

Government Waste

Environmental Crime or possible violations

White collar crime

Workplace harassment, discrimination, or other violations

Public Health concerns


Of course there isn't a copy of the constitution available on the app.

The app provides for taking pictures and making anonymous reports. Are they truly anonymous? Something to consider.

While this might be a frightening affront to the freedom of man, I suggest something else.

Everyone should download this application, and use it, every day, to report crimes... specifically the crimes against citizens by government.

Take a picture of Nancy Pelosi or your favorite would be dictator, report her for enslavement (healthcare mandate... "Are you serious?")

Take pictures of police officers stopping and citing citizens for victimless "crimes".

Send in a picture of the President for failing to protect our borders and many other violations of his oath to uphold the Constitution.

We can't stop the application, and shouldn't, but we can turn it against the tyranny that spawned it. Please share your ideas on how to best use this "PatriotApp" to

Don't let this slide by.


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