Betsy Speicher

The Head of Athena (The Cyrus Skeen Series)

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Cyrus Skeen is the #1 private eye in Roaring Twenties San Francisco. When an unpopular atheist lecturer is arrested for the brutal murder of his ex-wife, why does a prominent Christian lawyer rush to defend him? Does he really want the atheist acquitted--or is his motive more sinister? Why does the lawyer hire Cyrus Skeen? To exonerate his client--or to make conviction more certain, when it's shown that even Cyrus Skeen can't help him?

But things have a way of backfiring, when you attempt to trick Cyrus Skeen. The action explodes as the detective plunges into a grimy underworld of repulsive thugs and even uglier lawyers who hire them for dirty work. From facing down an angry mob in a lecture hall to impersonating the D.A.'s assistant to get the truth from a half-crazed preacher, Cyrus Skeen is the man for the job!

Ed Cline is noted not just for creating rich characters and startling plot twists, but for the boldly American spirit of all his novels: freedom-worshiping, benevolent, and individualistic.

I also recommend the first book in the Cyrus Skeen series, "China Basin," in which the detective tries to uncover a fabled historical relic from Medieval England while tracking down a maniacal killer.

And don't miss Ed's magnum opus, the six-volume "Sparrowhawk" series, about the kind of free-thinking heroes who created the American Revolution; "We Three Kings," a no-holds-barred fight between an American entrepreneur and a murderous Arab diplomat; and the Chess Hanrahan detective series ("First Prize," "Presence of Mind," and soon-to-be-released "Honors Due")!

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