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Accepting suggestions for our "Twead" series

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Hello everyone,

I just want to let everyone know that we are accepting suggestions for future books to cover as part of our "Twead" series, which people seem to enjoy. To "twead" a book, as I use the term, is to read a book and then send out via Twitter a handful of comments, reactions, highlights and/or selected quotations (good or bad). I then collect these tweets into one place and post them on the website. The format is very brief; it is not intended to be the same as a book review, which is a separate art form that I love but do not do myself.

We've posted nine tweads so far on Here is a list to browse:

I'm limiting the subjects roughly to politics, economics, and health policy. Also, I try to twead books that are no more than a few months old. We have five books in the queue right now (e.g., #10 will be "The Truth About Obamacare" by Sally Pipes, and #11 will be "Restoring America's Health Care System" by Scott Atlas), but I thought it would be good to welcome outside suggestions as we add more.



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