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A Couple of Suggestions

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Here are two books a good friend recommended. I quite enjoyed them both, and in many ways they're prophetic for our times:

John Ringo, The Last Centurion

Some time in the very near future, U.S. troops have been abandoned in Iraq as a global epidemic wipes out most of humanity, a new ice age commences, and politically correct politicians add to the death toll. The task of overcoming all these obstacles and getting the troops out falls upon the training, discipline, determination, and, most of all, ingenuity of a lieutenant known as Bandit 6.

Download in various formats:


Tom Kratman, Caliphate

In the early 22nd century, Europe has long since been conquered from within by Islam. The world is divided into two camps, the Muslim global caliphate and the American Empire. To stop a potentially population-eradicating biological weapon, CIA agent John Hamilton must infiltrate the former Germany. At the same time, Petra, a young girl who along with her brother has been sold into slavery because her family could not afford the tax on non-Muslims, follows the journal of her great grandmother, a German who lived in our very near future, just before the full Muslim takeover of Europe. Their paths cross in the end.

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