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Advocacy news article in liberal newspaper promotes religious interference in government

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Wind power projects conflict with sacred sites

Project might interfere with sacred religious ceremonies dating 10,000 years

The Portland Press Herald July 26, 2011

Maine's two largest Indian tribes are raising concerns about a large wind power project proposed for eastern Maine, saying it may interfere with sacred religious ceremonies dating back 10,000 years.

In a letter to the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission, an official with the Passamaquoddy Tribe says the Bowers Mountain Wind Project is too close to cultural and spiritual sites on its land. Nearby wind turbines, says Donald Soctomah, the tribe's historic preservation officer, would have a harmful effect on cultural activities.

Because the tribes are considered sovereign nations under state and federal law, their concerns add a new dimension to the ongoing debate over wind power in Maine.
The project has drawn opposition from sporting-camp owners and fishing guides ... across the Downeast Lakes watershed. They worry that the site of turbine blades and navigation lights will ruin the remote, wild feel of the region and offend visiting fishermen and other guests.

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First comment:

This is preposterous. Indian tribes, despite wishful thinking, are not "sovereign nations" and have no right to prohibit civilization "visible" from their nature mysticism. It's not supposed to matter that taxpayers are subsidizing an expensive and impractical form of energy embraced by viros, but now we are told that ancient Indian mysticism is to dictate the outcome. This whole farce is enough to make your ears wilt, but it is dangerously being imposed on us with the force of law and lawyers' manipulations tying people up in knots.

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