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A Congressman and Businessman is inspired by Rand

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An Officer And A Free Marketeer

“One of the very first serious books I read when I was growing up was Atlas Shrugged,” Rep. Mike Pompeo (R.-Kan.) told me recently, referring to Ayn Rand’s timeless classic that was finally made into a motion picture this year, “and it really had an impact on me. I spent my whole life working hard.”

To anyone who knows the freshman lawmaker from Kansas’s 4th District (Wichita), that’s a major understatement. After graduation from Harvard Law School in 1989 and a stint at the high-powered Williams and Connolly law firm, Pompeo co-founded Thayer Aerospace Co. in Wichita, Kan. In ’05, he became Chief Executive Officer of Sentry International, a company that manufactures oil and gas equipment. Five years later, Pompeo’s company had annual gross assets of over $80 million.

But just as there was much more to Rand’s fictional Henry Rearden than simply being a steel company president, there was more to Mike Pompeo than being a corporate CEO.


As for himself, Mike Pompeo says: “I eat and breathe small government and freedom.”

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