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I know how hard it is to buy art in today’s economic climate. Did not Ayn Rand say something to the effect that in such a collapse, Art is first to go? Or did I make that up?

I’m offering deep discounts on my originals: http://tracyfineart....om_cordair.html

More here: http://tracyfineart....troduction.html

Admittedly this last page is rather disorganized. Simply scroll down to:

Pencils, Pen and ink and silverpoint start HERE

Paintings start HERE

And there’s more. Start here:

When I say “This painting is for sale. Ask. Or make an offer.” I mean it. Please don’t think I’ll be insulted by any offer you make, no matter how low. I might not take it, but then we can bargain. :)

When I say that “All sales are final”, it’s not true. If you don’t like it for any reason, return it with the answer to one question. Why?

I must say that there’s no way to show the true nature of the original online. Let me offer this, a comment on my blog by Guy Allbee:

“The Life Raft” will complement my framed original “Atlas Shrugged” dust jacket."

I have at several times purchased paintings from Robert Tracy and have been very satisfied. In that respect Robert compares with Hank Rearden, he delivers.

I’m now adding more dry-brush to


This Mortal Height


5½ x 5¾”


Should be ready to update online in a day or so. The image there is way too dark.

Thanks for looking.

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Thank you very much, Arnold.

Hair for me is my favorite feature of the face. It's built up in layers in paintings: lighter colors over darker, then darker over lighter. Each layer adding shading, shadows and more bands and strands of hair. In drawings, the same only not often so many layers.

My best, perhaps. At least my personal favorite is here:


Girl with Toy Alligator

Oils on Canvas

16 x 12"


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Beautiful work, The eyes, too, are superbly done.

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