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Raphaella di Piero, by Bill Bucko

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The Kindle edition is available NOW:

The paperback edition will be available in 3 or 4 days, as soon as I verify that the proof copy printed OK.

From the description:

A harrowing drama of murder and love, in the early Italian Renaissance!

“What is she to conclude, when she understands what happened? That love leads to ... death? That pain is all she can expect, if she ever cares for someone? .... You look into her eyes and see a wall of fear to keep you out. You would die for her, and that’s why she can never be yours?”

Raphaella di Piero tells of a profound love; but it is not primarily a love story. Its theme is the crucial importance of valuing in human life. It tells of two children, their souls deeply scarred by violence, who struggle to make sense of the world around them.

From the author of The Outcasts: the story of a girl whose father murdered her mother … and the boy who loves her.

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