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Eknath Ende

Is Democracy the Nemesis also of the Anglo-Saxons?

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Capitalism Forever’s OP essay “476 Rome, 2008 Washington DC” inspired me that something fundamental can be discussed. America’s slide is too big a juggernaut whose pace also cannot be reduced by discussing day-to-day doings of small-time politicians. Please see my reply to CF’s post for further details.

Note: All comments that look racist at first glance, including the titles of the two books, are fully explained and justified within the books.


Around 2008-09 I sought comments on the net on the first draft of my book “The Anglo Saxon Protestant Revolution” (ASP-R) describing how the ASPs mastered the world after Renaissance, built new continents, and why they are now on a down-ward journey as seen in the recent slide of the US. (As ASPs I today include all people who got naturalized into Americans and broadly adopted the classical Anglo-Saxon philosophy of individualism as their way of life.) I was shocked by the trivial comments, the misunderstandings and criticism based on lack of knowledge and I felt the need to write a prologue to ASP-R as clarification. This prologue became a complete book on its own which I titled as “Is Democracy the Nemesis Also of the Anglo-Saxons?”, generally addressed to the ‘Tea Party (TP) Movement Supporters’, who formed the engine of Republican take-over of the House of Representatives in Nov-Dec 2010. It could not be completed in time for the 2012 elections, but had to be suspended for a long time, and perhaps the TP Movement fizzled out in between.

Very briefly, what this book achieves can be described as follows: Starting from a small island on the edge of Europe, the Anglo Saxons built, with tremendous courage, efforts and sacrifice of blood, sweat and life, two virgin continents on two sides of the Pacific, an entirely New World, the climax of rational man’s aspirations for civilization; they are the main contributors to huge discovery and invention of knowledge, and have emancipated 5 sets of people starting with poor ASPs followed by African-Americans, Europeans (many of them Catholics), myriad migrants from undeveloped societies including many Latinos, and finally, all those who are free in undeveloped societies, from 4000 years’ well established suppression and slavery. But today the emancipators are looked upon as enslavers and racists, the whole earth hates them, and every epithet is unquestionably thrown at them like greedy, selfish, materialist looters of earth, war mongerers etc. But more importantly, the emancipated people who have not contributed much to civilization are out to take-over their countries, and the original creators almost have no answer to it! (There even was talk of migration to other countries after Obama’s re-election in 2012 which was generally described as contest between ‘angry white men’ versus ‘minorities’!)

The various issues which show that many Americans have not understood the causes of the present slide (and are making wrong attempts to rectify it) are explained in detail in the book, and a solution is also given to them.

(Because Ayn Rand’s name surfaced strongly during the Tea Parties, quotes from her books are liberally used herein.)

The book is divided into three parts.

Part I lists out and briefly explains many political concepts that have influenced man’s attempts to form a good government since ancient times, particularly Greek and Roman civilizations from where America has borrowed so much. It takes review of American history since inception to show that, despite being the most advanced country, Americans have not resolved some of the concepts properly, because of which the American republic has changed to today’s chaos of unlimited majority rule. Most men use these concepts casually with different (and many times wrong) meanings, but these concepts are at the foundation of civilization, and therefore at the root of its erosion in US today.

Part II uses history reviewed in Part I to further analyze why America is proceeding exactly on the same path as Greece and Rome towards collapse. A shocking fact related with this slide is that it is exactly predicted by a man 2500 years back – Plato! Even America’s Founding Fathers were strongly against democracy as “chaos of mob-rule” and John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (a proponent of democracy) predicted the same path of destruction for democracy, traversing which it has come close to self-destruction today. Most people are unaware of these aspects because not much analysis of the matter is seen in popular literature. This part of the book raises and partly answers what I have called as “The Problem of Civilization”, fundamental questions about democracy over which Greece and Rome failed, and America is faltering precariously.

Part III deals with one major issue: though I tremendously admire the achievements of classical English philosophers (Bacon, Locke, Smith etc) culminating into the American Revolution, the ASPs’ performance in the last century, which Ayn Rand called as ‘the century of the second-hander’, can be classified only as ‘moral cowardice’. Part III gives an example of ‘Victory of Evil over Good’, of how the Anglo Saxons are bent on self-destruction at the hands of impotent evil from all over the world by dealing with it via ultra-evil bodies like UN. Importantly, it discusses why the British rule during the Empire, despite some deficiencies, was far better than American domination of the world today; and what is wrong with America’s external policies also throws light on internal policies which add to today’s slide. About this UN connection I have said with explanation that once the greatest emancipator in mankind’s history, today America has become the perpetrator of biggest crimes against humanity because of its support to the UN. Part III includes a long sub-article on Racism practiced the world over.

Some more points covered in Parts II and III are given at the end of Part I.

Part – I

Review of America’s Political History -- A Study in “Worship of Majority”


ASP-R == my book The Anglo Saxon Protestant Revolution; FFs == Founding Fathers of America;

TPM == Tea Party Movement; Af-Ams == African Americans

O’ism (ist) == Objectivism (ist); Dems and Reps == Democrats and Republicans

The words socialism and communism are many times used interchangeably because both have the same intention; as shown in this write-up socialism (or welfare state or mixed economy or inclusive governance) is slow-poisoning and a screen to deceive men into gradually achieving the target of communism.

About my Interest in Anglo Saxon Philosophy

US-UK have a special place of respect in some Indians’ minds, very briefly because: Around 150 million Indians (the lowest social strata called untouchables) were liberated by Anglo-American philosophy, from inhuman slavery imposed on them as “pious religion” (and other 700 million Indians like me were also liberated, but they foolishly consider themselves ‘upper-caste’ below the Brahmins). Phule, who became their first emancipator after studying Paine and Washington in the Scottish Mission School, expressed his gratitude by thanking the British-Raj, celebrating British victory over Brahmin forces during 1857 rebellion and exhorting his followers to learn English language / theories. Even today, some of their intellectuals celebrate the Englishman Macaulay’s birthday and consider English language as Goddess! (They actually show the language embodied as a Hindu-style Goddess drawn on a slate to new-born children. And recently there was a festival about this in New Delhi attended by a British guest of honor. Some people may find this to be amusing, but I see their slum-dog lives around me and am able to better appreciate their efforts as the first steps to development.)

Personally, considering the ultra-orthodox religious upbringing I suffered, I became a human being simply because of accidental reading of Ayn Rand’s novels. And after that I learnt about the founding of America as the climax of classical English philosophers. (ASP-R is sort of my homage to what I gained from them. In the following I have mainly analyzed American political history because, apart from Ayn Rand, America was the climax of classical English philosophy, at the front of man’s liberation from tyranny, including abolition of slavery considered normal till then.)

Ayn Rand is influential even today as seen from the sale of her books creating ever-new records. She was prominent at the TP Movement, it is her books they catapulted to record sales as an opposition to Obama’s policies, her books that they waved to America to achieve their election victory (in 2010). Yet GOP’s policies so far, coupled with deterioration of US from around her birth (1905) to today, also makes one a bit skeptic about their enthusiasm for Ayn Rand, and to the extent opportunism is involved, it is dealt with ahead.

An Inverted America – Is it heading towards a collapse?

The deterioration of socio-political situation in the US, and generally in the west, has progressed to almost hopelessness. From all sides, and in all their multitudinous avatars, the irrational has taken over all aspects of life in the US. It’s a totally inverted America as compared to the one envisaged by the Founding Fathers (FFs). The FFs thought of ‘inalienable rights of an individual’ leading to the best period of capitalistic building in human history -- today, as per the Russian Press, the medical, social security and other doles of American Socialism has left Soviet Socialism far behind – they really give everything to the American parasites. That capitalistic building is today called as ‘greed’, but there is also a real side to it – plutocracy and crony capitalism are now real, as logically unavoidable effects of American socialism. The government owns substantial to 100% of several businesses, intervenes and dictates policies of private corporations, appoints directors and ousts them with a rap – and they call it as ‘capitalism’. Plutocratic corruption is suspected in selective intervention, but in the case of treatment to other banks versus Lehman Brothers (leading to its collapse in 2008), it was savage murder without even decorum. Apart from politicians and bureaucrats, Washington is full of lobbyists, hacks and consultants, and corporations gain or lose, not as per their productive ability, but based on how they handle ‘politics’ through these. “What is good for wall-street is good for America” became a sarcastic description of bank bailout plutocracy in 2008, a parody of the 50s phrase “what is good for General Motors is good for America”. The FFs framed death penalty for manipulation of currency; today the governmental robbery of peoples’ money by forever printing dollars has made people forget that money has to be produced not printed – it is sustained merely because of the irresponsibility of passing the burden to the next generations, neglecting that some day reality avenges with a crash. Same is the reason that while the FFs were stringent about government spending; today’s government extravaganza has put to shame the most pompous kings of the past. Knowing that imperialism and debt due to war-expenses was a sure-shot recipe for the fall of every previous power including Britain, the FFs abhorred wars -- today it’s history’s biggest world conqueror (with army in around 125 countries) that spends several hundred billion dollars of its own money on military operations, partly to emancipate others, but is still called as a marauder. It has become the only strength supporting the open gigantic evil of UN, WB and IMF, heading towards global collectivism.

Perhaps one big casualty is the virtue of honesty, the foundation on which the English-speaking world was built. Following news dated 31 Oct 2011 titled “Judges are for sale – and special interests are buying” corruption in US is just a sample of the casual exercise of dishonesty in American society. (Deterioration of honesty is a central part of this book, see sub-article about democracy as fertile ground for moral degeneration.)

Superficially, socialism talks about brother-love, welfare of all etc, in reality not only has the economy weakened due to debt, but apart from racial divide, class-divide too has become very strong. The British experiment with socialism, the slogan “Better Red than dead”, unionism wrecking their economy etc, is followed by repeated looting in London in eighties, and now in August 2011. With Occupy Wall Street movement gaining some credibility and some incidences of riots in USA in2011, America too is inching towards the same – as if the original philosophy that separated them from the world is gone! But even these rioters have an ironical element of logic on their side. In 2007-08 all western governments bailed out, with piles of public money, mighty corporations that were about to fail (due to their market operations) – today these corporations, called as fatty cats, are sitting on loads of cash, while the government is refusing much smaller quantity of money to the unemployed! (This is the result of government entering area it should never have, viz. economy, giving some crude excuse to the rioting looters.) Along with strong internal divisions, empire-building of the US is accompanied by enmity with major part of the world. These were never big problems while what I have called as the ASP Revolution was on ascendancy. Today they are an indication of a strong slide that is progressing to go out of control! (Quotes from Ayn Rand about “collapse of society” are given ahead when dealing with welfare state in Part II. In fact why the situation is imperceptibly inching closer to civil war in US is shown there. A strong indication of collapse is given by break-up of society into irreconcilable pressure groups and the emergence of dictatorial traits in rulers like reports about GWB(43) described ahead and Obama using “Executive Order” too frequently as in 2012.) Considering that all past civilizations have finally collapsed, the ASP Revolution is now close to 500 years old (since Francis Bacon), and heading towards collapse is a possibility one should not neglect keeping in mind recent trends. Rather one should think of a proper solution to the possibility.

With the above in mind, it would be pertinent to say that civilizations rise and fall very gradually (and therefore imperceptibly) over centuries, and solution for America’s problems too will take time. But to stop the slide and gain time, an interim solution suggested in this book is of “going back to FF-Government” (Founding Fathers’ government). The ongoing deterioration also helps in knowing what the FF-Government is.

Today’s American Governments in light of FF-Government

(This sub-article is very important when compared with today’s governments in Part II ahead while studying a typical Democrat President L B Johnson. If America wants to stop today’s slide, this is where they have to go back so as to go ahead. The most important principle the FFs never violated was that the government was not the means of charitable endeavors – and the other one was about avoiding wars. This was achieved by minimizing the government’s expenses.)

The American Supreme Court endorsing President Obama’s health care law gave rise to a lot of discussion on the net regarding government’s functions and limitations. Following two news items are typical: 1.Health Care a right like water (By Alex Marshall Jul 11, 2012 4:05 AM GMT+0530, rechecked as of Jul 20, 2012, 6:30 AM IST); This news is about FFs’ limit of government’s functions: leave alone Medicare and today’s massive doles, they had defeated a proposal even for “public water system” in 1798, declaring pure water to be citizens’ private concern! Even in 1842 public water system was widely opposed as, to quote, “an expensive system” and “an unwise assumption of government debt and a nanny-state intrusion into what was regarded as a private responsibility.” (Note the words expensive, debt, nanny-state intrusion etc in context of today’s welfare state). Even public education, despite being Jefferson’s strongly pursued policy, was opposed for a long time on the lines “I will be responsible for the education of my children, why should I be for that of my neighbors’?” The new settlers were strict individualists. 2. The second news: better leave policy for moms (By the Editors, Jul 20, 2012 4:26 AM GMT+0530) is self-speaking, generally tilted towards government and employers ensuring welfare of mothers during maternity – and ahead I have referred to females with more than a dozen children! The above news is encouragement to moms enjoying fifteen years of paid leave for fifteen children, and then the first child will get unemployment benefits! Sort of “Welcome to Marxist America”!

The FFs more or less practiced “Separation of State and Economy”, but like many other issues, did not bring it out clearly and secure it properly. During their time the tax was the lowest, government spending was very low (as mentioned elsewhere, generally it was less than 2% of GDP against today’s more than 25 %!) With talk about “public water distribution and sanitation”, “public infrastructure like roads, bridges, dams etc”, the government extended its control to every economic activity and every industry via talks of environment degradation – now there are talks about “clean energy”, i.e. government wanting to enter the field of energy! (From this one single figure people can understand how much the government has encroached and arrogated to itself – 2% of poor farmers’ GDP versus today’s trillions of dollars!)

Many intellectuals have elaborated on the topic of “Separation of State and Economy” including Ayn Rand whose work we are referring to the most in this book. The interested reader can know about FF-Government from her essay ‘The Nature of Government’. But since this is a contentious issue let me specifically further add that she is not the originator of this idea; the FFs starting with John Locke, had already brought it into reality for a small period of time, which is what the above-mentioned first news states – and then see what several presidents said about it below. So very suspicious were the FFs about the government being a major threat to the people (because of the power in its hands) that they went overboard in reducing it – even the army was considered to be a threat and its reduction became the real threat in the war of 1812 with Britain, but they were saved because of Britain’s pre-occupation in Europe. (Today, the army being a threat has become a reality – from one side the army has become too big and is draining the economy because of its empire-building activities; from the other side, with the government having become plutocratic and encroaching, people come onto the streets as the London rioters and American Tea Partiers. It is the army that they will finally use to impose “discipline”, i.e. put down all opposition.) One reason for American idea of right to keep and bear arms is that it’s the population’s final defense against the government becoming autocratic, crossing the limits of its authority. That is why it is said that the Bill of Rights is written against the Congress; it ensures freedom for the individual mainly by tightly tying down the government. Its language too emphasizes its suspicion of the Congress by prohibiting it from violating and disparaging citizens’ rights. By contrast, today too many people want a totalitarian government, except that as per their party affiliation they want it tilted towards their party.

A very good web site: GOP anti-doles (dated Aug 30, 2012 12:00 noon IST) titled Is Welfare Unconstitutional, gives details of FFs’ total, fanatic opposition to the usage of government money for any purpose than the few enumerated then, i.e. full separation of state and economy. For example, it was recognized that widows of war heroes deserved help the most – but state help was refused in the Senate and the Senators chipped in their own money to help a widow! Victims of natural calamities, personal misfortunes etc were dealt with in similar manner. (Today the dollar is showered on every point on earth for whatsoever ‘misfortune’ the President sees fit to throw it.)

Though the FFs were more stringent about limiting the government, yet the same social atmosphere continued to prevail in nineteenth century, as can be seen from the following quotes.

Following is President Franklin Pierce, 1854 while vetoing a social welfare charity bill:

"[i must question] the constitutionality and propriety of the Federal Government assuming to enter into a novel and vast field of legislation, namely, that of providing for the care and support of all those … who by any form of calamity become fit objects of public philanthropy ... I cannot find any authority in the Constitution for making the Federal Government the great almoner of public charity throughout the United States. To do so would, in my judgment, be contrary to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and subversive of the whole theory upon which the Union of these States is founded."
(Note: This subversion “of the whole theory upon which the Union of these States is founded” has already happened to such an extent that it merits consideration of civil war and secessions at least in discussions – other-wise the inevitable will definitely happen, secessions, civil war etc. The hunter does not desist just because the ostrich refuses to see him.)

And following is President Grover Cleveland, 1887 while vetoing a bill appropriating relief charity from public monies:

"I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of the General Government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit."

The third name is a big shock; I do not quote him because after all every opportunist is expected to change sides as the situation necessitates of him – Father FDR, the Father of Big Government! He said similar things as above as Governor of New York when he wanted to oppose Washington, and not only did exactly the opposite on reaching there, but on such a big scale!

Now for a word of caution: Do not jump to big conclusions, why public has forgotten this spirit of the FFs and are supporting the opposite policies. The name of the above site gopcapitalist is revealing. We will be seeing GOP’s performance to date in detail ahead. But as part of what we will see, to counter the above, one can construct sites such as: dem-humanists with titles: Is Empire Building Unconstitutional? Or: Is Bail-out Plutocracy Unconstitutional? Etc. See details ahead before you conclude.

Insistence on “bare minimum government” is not mere philosophical dogma, or something to be mystically admired because the FFs practiced it. Fundamentally, the government’s only function is to ensure “right to life” to the citizens – but not to offer them with the means to life, welfare or happiness, all of which the individual has to earn for himself from nature. As per historical record (of 4-5000 years of human endeavors) the means for the government to become destroyer of human life is to claim to look after citizens’ welfare – as it goes on imposing this on citizens in small bits and measures (as in a socialism, mixed economy or a welfare state), it goes on progressively trampling human life till it finally achieves its destruction – an important point dealt with in detail in this book.

The reason for all the above elaborations is that so very severe is the erosion of intellectuality in America (described ahead as “intellectual paralysis”) that today most people have even lost the idea that such a great government ever existed in the recent past, and that that is the starting point for them to revitalize their nation! The solution is to go back to that point and then start undoing the contradictions, the deficiencies, the points missed in FFs’ government that gradually, imperceptibly led to today’s situation, using today’s knowledge!

Continuing with today’s inversion of FFs’ achievements, the key to the shameful drama is the answer to the question, how did it happen that the FFs instituted a Republic, a ‘rule of law’ that was above the rulers as well as the majority, while today it is reduced to the chaos and corruption of majority rule?

There are 2 important points about America’s slide: 1. that it is too trivial discussing the specific, individual policies of presidents of both the parties in recent years. 2. But all discussion is limited to these very trivial doings of small-time rulers elected by parasitical people who now look upon the government as their provider, while the FFs advocated self-reliance and always being suspicious of the government. (This point is very important for Part II where it is shown that differences over trivia and better peoples’ inability to join hands, is the reason for victory of evil.)

I was trying to convey this change of fundamentals at the time of America’s founding versus today’s atmosphere with the help of The ASP-R, but was shocked by the trivial comments and criticism that I evoked on the net.

Something has changed at the very basic, fundamental level of the English-speaking world – which is also the secret behind Ayn Rand’s continuing influence today, viz. that, in her own words, she was a writer of the Romantic school which deals, not with the random trivia of the day, but with the timeless, fundamental, universal problems and values of human existence (Introduction to 25th year edition of The Fountainhead in 1968). Many people sense the seriousness of the deterioration and feel an intense need to invoke those principles!

What has changed in the West is, to again use Ayn Rand’s ideas, ‘the cultural sense of life’ of the English-speaking world, from a solid Aristotelian sense of life, to a corrupt diluted one wherein the next generations are unable to deal in terms of fundamentals, but science, production etc are going on at high speed because of momentum derived from a recent Aristotelian past. I have explained this in my other writing as the British changing Indians’ mind-set! When British came to India, Indians believed in many irrationalities like: Food would turn into worms if a female was given education; wailing women were dragged in the streets by their hair to be burnt in their dead husband’s pyre and only the evil amongst priests had the right to collect their jewelery; the Brahmin was the god on earth and ladies and untouchables were to wash his feet and drink that water. Though such form of Dharma is even today practiced in some remote areas of India, and else-where milder variants of the Dharma are practiced, still the British changed the mind-sets to bring in whatever civilization that exists in India. This is the type of “change of minds” that has occurred in the English-speaking world itself – the ASPs were strong Aristotelians when they built the Empire and the foundation of the New World, but today they have changed substantially, except that the change is very slow and imperceptible. The other difference is that Indians have progressed while the ASPs have regressed on the social side despite huge scientific progress going on at fast speed. This statement is important and elaboration is given at the end of Appendix A.

Like honesty, there is also deterioration of reasoning in western world which I have called as intellectual paralysis. Several examples of this are given ahead -- the most prominent one is “the intellectual fight to save capitalism” as follows: Today, there is a huge fight to save capitalism by its alleged defenders (GOP making big noise about it), and intellectuals keep engaging in arguments that still presume America to be a capitalist country. The disgusting fact is that there is no intelligent mind left to pronounce that this recession is a failure of American socialism, not of capitalism – and that the lead of US over rest of the world belongs to the lingering effects of an Aristotelian sense of life, which is in its final stages! Instead of seizing the opportunity to attack American socialism, the intellectuals foolishly try to defend capitalism against today’s fall-out of socialism, while the evil uses the situation to further bury freedom! C is the victim, S the culprit, but proponents of S further attack C, while proponents of C make odd, awkward defenses instead of being offensive, imparting legitimacy to the claim of socialists that C is evil

One big factor that led to the change in Western social atmosphere was the spread of Kant’s anti-Reason philosophy in the western world around the formation of America – that has hijacked all later development in philosophy and substantially contributed to the vitiation of reason in western countries. (The other big factor is moral degeneration due to democracy explained ahead in detail.)

The phenomenon of America

America was too big a happening in man-kind’s history – the climax of rational man’s aspirations for civilization, as I have called it in ASP-R. It could not have got built over-night, nor by today’s politicians and bureaucrats – it has withstood huge erosion, and even today standing as the greatest country with several positive attributes – but today severely eroded and in danger also. Both the changes, the first one necessary for building it, and the second one leading to its erosion, require huge change in what Ayn Rand referred to as the ‘cultural sense of life’ of that society.

To talk about America and to reform it, cannot be done so very easily, the way I saw discussions on internet forums, or the way the TP Express romped boisterously into the House. For that one has to go to the very bottom i.e. talk in terms of fundamentals – how did this phenomenon, so very different from the rest of the world, come into existence in the first place? What are the differentiating factors, the most important salient characteristics that will sustain it, and whose exclusion / erosion will kill it? (Without raising these fundamental questions one cannot meaningfully deal with America’s current problems, by attacking them as if in mid-air.)

Then one will realize that only 3 civilizations so far reached the level of freedom of a meaningful republic / democracy and have produced majority of scientific knowledge – Greece, Rome and today’s Western. (If somebody wants to oppose this statement then he should accept the challenge I have made to upper-caste Indians of giving up all “evil” western knowledge and shifting to “pious” ancient Indian knowledge the priests hid from ‘lower caste’ Indians. A challenger may adopt any system of knowledge other than western.) The distinguishing feature of these 3 civilizations is that reason / logic was discovered, and meaningfully applied, only in them.

Aristotle has made the most important difference to civilization! (See Appendix A for further details.)

You will see this theme (Aristotle) all over Ayn Rand, but in particular, in “For the New Intellectual” she says: “If we consider the fact that to this day everything that makes us civilized beings, every rational value that we possess – including the birth of science, the industrial revolution, the creation of the United States, even the structure of our language – is the result of Aristotle’s influence, of the degree to which, explicitly or implicitly, men accepted his epistemological principles, we would have to say: never have so many owed so much to one man”.

The people who inducted Aristotle the most into their culture and “way of life” were the English, who then came to dominate the whole world, because of the huge progress they achieved in civilization. That way of life finally climaxed in the New World -- they then surpassed even England.

As part of erosion of reason my excerpts from ASP-R about Aristotle’s greatness, contribution and indispensability at the base of thinking were rejected with all round sarcasm on the net, backed by various flawed arguments. Several other-wise knowledgeable O’ists shocked me a lot with their arguments about this matter. But most such arguments are answered in ASP-R, and any remaining can also be. One difficulty is about the distinction between Aristotle’s philosophy and his particular sciences like physics and biology which one has to correctly take into account while evaluating his contribution / greatness. As part of the foolish ‘philosophical war’ between some O’ist groups and Libertarians, one Libertarian called my arguments as “Randroid nonsense” of declaring Aristotle to be prefect good and Plato to be total evil. This evaluation is so much of total nonsense that I do not wish to deal further with it – but this book in itself invalidates the argument. (I have briefly answered this comment in Appendix A dealing with this topic.) Such fools should not participate in upholding Ayn Rand’s books to Obama’s policies, and my book is not addressed to such low level of intelligence.

Note: While many Americans shocked me by their anti-Aristotle comments which triggered this book as Prologue to ASP-R, a few also said that Appendix A is very important and should be brought here. Personally, I considered the above contribution of Aristotle to civilization so valuable that it was the start of ASP-R after the Introduction. If individualism, the specific ASP way of life was to be saved, then this was the starting point, the foundation – but in trying to do so, I got pasting from those very men. My shock about this matter became “the American conundrum” which got solved very recently, and I included the entire matter as a separate sub-article ahead. Readers who are interested in knowing why Ayn Rand evaluated Aristotle as above may read Appendix A at this point and then proceed further. See links: or: The first one is faster; second one requires more input on part of user.)

Only after having seen all the above one can talk about why did America start eroding to the extent that today it is almost on the brink – then one will find that for all 3 civilizations, democracy was the last step before collapse. Of these, the Roman and American models were republics with checks and balances because of Greek experiences, which yet degenerated into unlimited majority rule. Why, how and when did it happen to America? From the best system in man-kind’s history so far that yielded so much, how did the US come to this stage of surpassing Soviets in socialism, together with plutocracy and cronyism? And further, despite the above, why is it standing even today as the greatest country, ahead in all rational endeavors, instead of collapsing like so many others?

Answers to these questions are very important if one wants to reform the US for the better.

Inheritance -- An important factor while evaluating historical phenomena and personalities

Continued in Post-2 of “Is Democracy the Nemesis also of the Anglo-Saxons?”

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Post-2 of “Is Democracy the Nemesis also of the Anglo-Saxons?”

Inheritance -- An important factor while evaluating historical phenomena and personalities

While evaluating historic people and phenomena like erosion of US, their inheritance (and antecedent history) should properly be taken into account so as to know how much progress such people achieved over what they inherited. Mankind’s progress is a tortuous struggle from ignorance towards enlightenment, in which the better men had to pay dearly for every small achievement (and many of whom got defamed, persecuted and martyred despite their greatness). So while the progress made by some tribe / civilization is lauded, its lacks have to be looked at as a legacy of past darkness. An example of this is the abolition of slavery achieved by Americans. Progress towards it started since times of Greek democracy, but from Greeks to Washington and Jefferson, everybody owned slaves – this was because of a darker legacy over which Americans achieved progress. For 5000 years, slavery was normal in human societies, in fact misuse of religion made it impossible to undo it. The FFs calling this system as evil, setting up funds for Af-Ams’ (African Americans’) rehabilitation etc were big steps in the direction of progress, and ultimately they fought for their liberation. In several countries many variations of bonded labor and slavery are supported (for example the ‘upper-castes’ do so in India even today). Appendix D gives two news items: i) Hillary Clinton’s revelation of 27 million slaves the world over; ii) Shockingly, remnants of practice of slavery in the Cherokee tribe in the US of A. A lot of criticism is seen about the FFs’ “double standards”, but it would be incorrect to expect them to make a complete break with the past in one shot – the fanatic society around would put them into far more difficulty than the civil war they faced without complete break. (In fact this is what happened to Thomas Paine as given ahead.)

Same applies to Founding Fathers’ being “Christians” – that was a legacy of the Dark Ages over which they achieved substantial, but unfortunately not full, progress. (This principle is also to be used while evaluating today’s rulers of US.) Mankind will impose any expectations on better people, and if those are satisfied, people will find other excuses to throw muck because all that certain elements of society want is to malign better people – rational men should take inherited ideas and existing social conditions into account when evaluating historic figures and events / phenomena. Sudden deviation as compared to the thought-level of society around is a great achievement if in the rational direction; it is therefore that much rare to the extent of its greatness.

(The above sub-article has huge relevance in answering some of today’s burning issues, dealt with ahead, like: If people are compulsorily to contribute to military and police without choice then why should they not be made to contribute to Social Security and Medicare?)

Misuse of religion

An important reason for taking legacy / inheritance into account is that “misuse of religion” (because of its hold over peoples’ mind via culture, implicit way of life etc called as ‘lingering effect’ herein) is too big a force of evil even today, though America was freer of it than rest of the world. (Note that ordinary people are free to privately pursue any religion; I have called its misuse as evil, by which I mean forcing one’s religious system on others by binding people into a collective or otherwise. Misuse of religion is explained in both these ASP books.) The complex web religion has woven is so powerful (and men’s need of some philosophy so strong) that it could hold men in its clutches for thousands of years – and even today, despite so much progress in 2–3 centuries, a huge section of mankind is not free of its hold. It forms the major part of ‘negative surrounding’ which most men inherit at birth, and acts as a very strong vicious circle in which mankind is trapped. Whatever efforts are made by good men against it, it has the potential of facilitating evil men to undo that progress and drag civilization back to level of ignorance – which is how Greek knowledge got destroyed during the Dark Ages. As explanation of the above, see the following: No matter what its dressing, subterfuge, paraphernalia, its talk of love and welfare of all, brotherhood of men and salvation of souls, its essence is suppression of ego and selfishness. For rational men these are the most fundamental essentials of life – rational usage of ego is the right to think, selfishness is the right to life. The Founding Fathers of US achieved substantial victory over religion, but not complete. They did not declare rational usage of ego and rational selfishness to be sacrosanct, but went in a roundabout manner using words like pursuit of happiness, right to life (a substitute for rational selfishness), first amendment for freedom of mind (i.e. right to usage of ego) etc. This means that while they achieved huge progress of freeing men from the clutches of religion they left open the possibility for its resurgence, scope for evil to strike again. Too many Americans, partly due to erosion of reason, are unable to see the above contradiction between religion and American constitution, and using such people, politicians who pose as champions of individual freedom, are again bringing it back into socio-political life, taking America back to Dark Ages! A further aspect highlighted ahead is that a political party propounding some religion has no other meaning but politically imposing the religion of its choice on others who do not agree – but this is going on in open day light in America which means that despite so much progress religion is again pulling men into Dark Ages.

(As far as legacy / inheritance affecting thinking of society (via culture) is concerned, as explained ahead while dealing with racism, expressions such as “it’s in their blood” are actually wrong, but they also have a partial element of truth because habits acquired by some groups persist for centuries even after they achieve freedom due to other peoples’ efforts. This is the case with most people of undeveloped societies freed from clutches of religion as an effect of western civilization.)

(Also note that the above described fundamental difference between religion and American Constitution about suppression of ego and selfishness versus freedom to exercise them, equally applies to communism, and all irrational philosophies like Kant’s, and these too have to be treated similarly.)

Rational and irrational usages of ego, rational and irrational selfishness

While dealing with human behavior difference has to be made between rational selfishness, rational usage of ego and their irrational version sub-humans resort to. I have done this in detail in ASP-R. Other-wise many people will blast my book by an easy retort that today’s plutocrats and dole-seekers are also selfish! Sub-human version of selfishness consists of grabbing that which belongs to others; it is robbery and stealing even if done openly like today’s government doles and plutocracy. Rational selfishness is taking that which one has made efforts for and earned by trading with others by mutual consent. In this write-up reference to rational as well as irrational usages of ego is made because that is how selfishness is practiced by men. But the latter usage is generally differentiated by inverted commas – in addition, the reader can also know it from the context. (A good example of rational versus irrational selfishness given ahead, is the Founding Fathers’ idea of man’s rights versus the idea propounded by the Democratic Party Platform in 1960 – while the Founding Fathers implied that each man had a right to retain whatever he had earned, the Democratic Party takes from those who have earned to give to parasites.) Historically, one important means by which evil intellectuals defeat the good is by erasing the difference between rational and irrational selfishness, between that which is rationally earned versus the irrationally grabbed.

Ahead, I have talked about three types of societies: Rational, Thoroughly Irrational and Semi-Rational societies: The more a society is ruled by irrational theories (i.e. having higher element of collectivism in its governance), the more its rulers practice irrational selfishness by imposing unselfishness and non-egoism on the ruled. A Thoroughly Irrational Society is totally suppressed, the blood of the ruled is squeezed to satisfy the irrational selfishness of its rulers – examples are theocracies, communist rules of Soviet Russia and China, etc. But note important point that the rulers do so by imposing on the ruled the allegedly ‘pious’ tenets of unselfishness and non-egoism. Nineteenth century America was closest to a Rational Society, the least exploited by its rulers, because the government was restrained from coming into the way of any individual exercising his right to be rationally selfish. (Amongst others, one implication of this statement is that today it is far from being so).

Apart from the rulers, even the ruled are different in the above three types of societies: The more irrational a society, the more it condemns rational men’s efforts as “selfish” (which is supposed to be immoral in irrational societies), while neglecting rulers’ aggrandizement. The more moral it is (note the word ‘moral’ instead of the word ‘developed’, today’s US being far more advanced than earlier times when it was more moral), the more it rewards rational men’s efforts. (It is from this angle that the plutocracy going on in America today has to be looked at – from being closest to ‘Rational Society’, i.e. from being the most moral society on earth, they have now moved towards other irrational societies – and while selfishness is automatically considered as evil, the corrupt rulers are loved by their respective followers even in America!)

The above is as far as selfishness is concerned; as far as thinking i.e. usage of ego is concerned, dictatorships (Thoroughly Irrational Societies) declare it to be evil – but allow their rulers to exercise their ego whimsically, i.e. with total irrationality, in a hierarchical manner from the dictator to no right to the lowest citizens. The Rational Society at the opposite end is based on allowing complete freedom of thought and expression to all citizens, with the Semi Rational Society being in-between mainly by means of social pressure of customs, traditions and norms of behavior.

A brief explanation about ‘moral cowardice’ of today’s Anglo Saxons

Since the above is a central idea of this book (being part of the title), a brief explanation about it is due at the start. As said above, the FFs were securing rational selfishness and egoism for the populace from past rulers who exercised irrational sub-human type of selfishness and egoism, and curbed the populace’s right to use them rationally; but considering the stigma attached to words selfishness and egoism due to legacy of Dark Ages, it is understandable that the FFs used round-about words like right to life and freedom of thought and expression. (As firmly infused by religion in men’s mind, robbery, murder etc are selfishness; egoism goes far beyond, viz. genocide – Hitler, Stalin etc are modern day examples of egoism.) Today, more than 300 years after John Locke’s works, the situation, the atmosphere has completely changed – Ayn Rand’s ethics is of-course some sort of climax, but it has come after so much of hair-splitting, dissection, experience about political systems etc, with many other people having worked on these topics in between. (The change has happened to the extent that religion became out-dated for many influential people, while its hold was total during FFs’ times and they had to fight for the first amendment, Thomas Payne dying a disgraced death!) BUT – today’s ASPs (and also Europeans) continue to be as much afraid of such words as selfishness and egoism as savages are afraid of lightning and thunderstorm; they are afraid to uphold the spirit of FFs’ great Revolution (despite every thing having been proved many times, innumerable proofs being available of the greatness of FFs’ philosophy, and the evil of its opposite)! Their penchant for unlimited majority rule of ‘democracy’ including global majority rule shared with ruthless dictators via ultra-evil bodies like the UN, is a consequence of the fear of getting branded as ‘egoists’, and cowardice to uphold individualism whether internally or in front of an ‘undeveloped’ world; it is not only the root of slow erosion of FFs’ republic, but also of evil gradually taking over all aspects of life. Their penchant for undifferentiated charity is recourse to some kind of prestige and superiority, to be recognized as superior, achievers, emancipators etc, i.e. they want to be selfish, but at the same time want to avoid getting branded as ‘selfish’! They want to be considered as generous emancipators and benefactors – want charity to be considered as major part of their character, plus not imposing, but not to be branded as ‘selfish’! So their only answer to the take over of government by communists is war-mongering, wherein they again require the help of global majority via the UN. Details and consequences of this are developed in this book upto the end, but this is the reason for calling them as ‘moral cowards’!

PS Nov 2012: Their cowardice was appreciably on display after Obama’s election as President for the second time. Many were so dejected and depressed as to talk of migrating to other white countries – ready to give up the country their fore-fathers had paid for by blood and sweat, the greatest country in man-kind’s history, beaten by the people they had emancipated, beaten by ‘undeveloped’ people who had illegally entered their country so as to escape the irrationalities back at home, beaten by people who had contributed nothing to civilization, but who live on doles – but not ready to muster courage so as to challenge the irrational intellectually! At the same time there was no sign of them giving up such ideas as spreading democracy and enlightenment to the same people who defeat them in elections!

One thing I will tell them – “Dear Sir! Migrating to another country does not solve your problem at all for simple reasons: First that, most western countries are experiencing similar problems even if with lesser intensity today. Second, that the irrational will follow you there also; even if ‘undeveloped’ immigrants do not take over that country, yet welfare-state is the slow-poisoning that will ultimately destroy that particular country too, and most western countries have become welfare-states, have they not? Running away may temporarily solve your problems, but not those of your children.

The meaning of this entire phenomenon is the concern of this book which may help you in fighting evil in US itself.

Conundrum of Angry White Men (AWMs), the Simile of Mt Everest and Foreigner as Savior of America:

(This sub-article was added as recently as Feb 2013. Its location, length etc could get changed in a future revision.)

Apart from moral cowardice referred to above, there are other peculiarities of Americans to be considered while talking about solutions to America’s slide.

Americans presented a conundrum during my migration from one web-forum to another on the internet: Most people on these forums seemed to have extraordinary knowledge about politics and sociology -- e.g. such quest for individual freedom (and knowledge about it) as I saw on American web-forums, is simply not possible in India and amongst educated people in most of the world. BUT – this knowledge of theirs almost had a common limit, beyond which shocking ignorance was seen. All my encounters on these websites ended with a peculiar feeling of dissatisfaction – at some point they suddenly seem to lack so much, or suddenly generate the feeling, how can men who know so much not understand certain simple things at the same time? On all net discussions I met with a barrage of wrong ideas expressed as almost inviolable sacred tenets which act as blinders prohibiting proper inquiry, but with which to recklessly oppose anybody trying to bring in new ideas / solutions. These tenets are the root of today’s slide; rubbishing them is partly the purpose of this book, which I have done all along the book.

Apart from the weakness of attachment to Charity and inability to answer demoralization by rest of the world that hates their success, I also observed other peculiarities of Americans: the most important one is that they have no proper knowledge of evil (partly described within this sub-article and at length ahead), yet there is lot of over-generous magnanimity coupled with arrogance about the American system.

Following are some examples of the sacred tenets: Ours is a Republic based on Rule of Law and Constitution of checks and balances, and not a democracy (in response to the title of the book ‘Is Democracy the Nemesis?’). It is answered ahead. Next is a big one held by almost entire America: All men were created equal – it is handled mainly in the next sub-article and pursued further ahead. Another one is anathema for ancient philosophers including Aristotle, who is (indirectly) the founder of America – they straight refuse to consider any material that refers to these philosophers (which this book does continuously). An unshakable conclusion preset in their minds is that these philosophers are preachers of inequality (which is true only in the case of Plato, yet it is important to study him and not discard off-hand.) All other ‘inviolable sacred’ (but many times wrong) ideas of Americans are dealt at appropriate places starting with the very next sub-article.

I joined net discussions in 2008 and immediately realized that all so-called discussions were limited only to white Americans whether O’ists, Libertarians, Constitution Party, Tea Party Movement etc, most of them tilted towards GOP (except for Constitution Party). Many of these are also accused of white-racism, as in the case of Dr. Ron Paul, and even the TPM to some extent. (For more on the topic of racism, see the relevant sub-article ahead). For a long time they have been called as ‘Angry White Men’ (AWMs for short). But they would not accept my point that there is a huge voter-base that is totally unaware of the knowledge (part of it wrong) on these sites, but was very loyal to the opposite party of Dems, and unless some solution to their strength was found these discussions to improve American socio-political atmosphere were futile. (There were no takers for such views of mine; instead there would be all-round criticism and rejection with sarcasm.)

Instead, so far the practice of the whites was to gather physically or on web forums and make noise about ‘victory of Reaganism’, tea-parties etc and conclude that the nation participated in AWMs’ protests. (That was because previously the whites’ majority margin was bigger than in recent years—only now they are being forced to accept the fact that the minorities matter a lot.) Generally in these gatherings / web-sites, they exchange their standard views coming since the times of FFs (along with inbuilt contradictions) and think the whole nation has agreed to it.

In absence of taking all the facts into account (particularly the role of minorities in determining national policies), the protests of the whites were like ‘empty vessels making more noise’, impotent anger because of inability to counter irrationality despite being world’s most rational society (a phenomenon I have called as ‘intellectual paralysis’).

The line of social division is automatic and consequent to the (conscious or sub-conscious) philosophy followed by the different communities (whites versus minorities). It is important for us to consider it because it is the whites whose philosophy, perseverance, efforts and sacrifice that has built America and brought the entire advance in knowledge in modern times. On the other hand it is the other communities (and their sub-consciously practiced way of life) that will bring in the fall using the weaknesses in whites’ philosophies (along with their magnanimity).

Only in 2013 came the indirect admission, after Obama defeating GOP second time, that ‘we are a bunch of angry white men’ reflected in the title of news such as ‘We can’t come off as a bunch of angry white men’. (AWM news By Chris Moody, Yahoo! News | The Ticket – Fri, Jan 25, 2013). This admission coming so very late is proof of their having neglected those points so far which were obvious to a person studying the situation with an open mind (unlike Americans with the above mentioned preset ideas as blinders). It is a proof of what I continuously perceived amongst them and mentioned above as American characteristics.

Minorities and the actual white racists leading them, despite being more irrational (because of being sub-conscious collectivists as explained ahead) are “silent winners” – they rarely organize and make noise akin to the whites – but 1. They always vote as block for victory of irrational; and 2. Their leaders continuously resort to strong allegations of racism against the whites (what I have described at length as Reverse Racism ahead in a long sub-article on Racism), and the whites are forced to accept slow erosion of their society.

As per the above news, beyond this point (2013) GOP will give up the old strategy to woo white conservatives -- the new strategy will be to woo minorities also. This will be just the opening of a new leg in the game of democracy being described in this book (as its main topic), continuing the slide to abyss. They will try to woo the minorities, but the means will have to be doles / irrationality like allowing illegal immigration, Espanol as second official language, which means vitiation of culture of individualism, balkanization etc. This is described ahead as the 2EBBPs (two equally bad big parties) taking America gradually down to the precipice.

The above mentioned conundrum about American psyche got solved after migrating on umpteen sites to know about it, almost as a revelation (what Ayn Rand called as ‘the light-bulb’ effect) on a Tea Party Movement Forum. All the above characteristics are part of Americans’ training since very young age – just like others are brought up as Catholics, Hindus, Muslims and those philosophies form a part of their basic knowledge and way of life, so also Americans are given a dual training as part of upbringing, which then becomes in-built part of their personality. Since the beginning they have been trained in Protestant Christianity (including charity) along with knowledge of American Constitution enmeshed with concepts of Liberty, Rights of Man, suspicion of big government, etc. In recent years some have given up Christianity and shifted to some type of Progressivism (i.e. charity as part of socialism), but the above is the overall idea.

It is this knowledge that is a huge advancement over rest of the world, but at the same time has in-built weaknesses, lacunae and contradictions in it – Americans’ political training starts with anti Europe / anti British material, against European monarchies, particularly the King who would not give representation despite taxation, how the revolutionaries fought against suppression, and so on. That derision about Europe is included in the phrase “old Yorrup” used whenever they want to go against European allies, most recently used prior to GWB(43)’s Iraq war. Part of the training is that ancient philosophers (Plato, Aristotle etc) preached inequality – while the original English people (and also Ayn Rand whose books they uphold against Obama) were strong Aristotelians. (The tenet all men were created equal and opposition to ancient philosophers seem to be a ‘revolution’ against the inequality of British aristocracy and European monarchies, which are held to have emerged out of their philosophies.)

Part of the training is a firm belief in superiority of American system of such a magnitude as to prohibit all further analysis! The above tenets (All men are equal; ours is a republic etc) are absolutely sacred and inviolable, the way religionists declared their ‘pious’ documents to be beyond human analysis. In reality, the system worked during those days only because of reasons discussed in this book, and now the short-comings are manifesting in today’s unstoppable erosion. It requires improvement and overhauling, but that is prohibited.

For the above reasons my name for AWMs is MWBs – Men with Blinders!

The shocking phenomenon of Libertarians approaching politics via economics and demanding a controlled government (as if human liberty is an automatically available, self-evident primary as compared to the tribal collective from which mankind is still trying to emerge), arises out of this training, anathema to fundamental philosophy, etc. What they do is that they discard / disregard the fundamentals, grab the derivative results and apply them to their requirements of Libertarianism. This is what they did to classical English philosophers – American constitution, way of life (individualism) etc is derived from those philosophers, but they deride the British and consider American way of life as something totally separate and far superior.

That same thing they are now doing to Ayn Rand -- They vehemently opposed Ayn Rand for years together as a new-comer to their ‘conservative / Libertarian’ club, now sky-rocket sales of her books and wave them against Obama; but in the other hand they hold the Cross, neglecting that because of the latter they denounced her as destroyer of family and civilization; at the same time they vehemently oppose Plato and Aristotle, neglecting what she said about them – they are the only philosophers she studied in thorough detail, limiting all others to summaries only. Recently, I also saw some using her quotes as a tool to oppose others’ good arguments.

Somehow, without deriving from fundamentals, they want things to work as per their feelings, they want conservatism, liberalism, Christianity, charity, over-generosity, democracy-cum-republic, freedom, American way of life, American supremacy, Shining City on the Hill, All men are created equal, etc etc etc etc everything to work along with all the in-built contradictions.

Their training never gives an idea that American political system too could have weaknesses and could erode at a later date – it never makes ground for introspection and then proper analysis of happenings in political field.

Talking about “An Inverted America” at the beginning of the book, I said that it is too trivial discussing the specific, individual policies of presidents of both the parties in recent years, but all discussion is limited to these very trivial doings of small-time rulers elected by parasitical people who now look upon the government as their provider, while the FFs advocated self-reliance and always being suspicious of the government. The AWMs are the people who engage in it life-long, in all their concerns – no long-term concerns, no thinking that starts with fundamentals. (Yet remember one thing – the AWMs are far ahead of non-whites anywhere on earth including America, India, Asia and anywhere.)

What was the source of their huge strength and why they could afford such arrogance towards good arguments and also neglect evil? Two reasons – they were the best practitioners of classical English philosophy of reason (but without acknowledging this fact, which, as shown in this book is possible to man); all the best men in search of freedom (not only Britain but entire Europe) continued to migrate to US; these had a raw, undeveloped, virgin country in their hands, which coupled with an inquisitive attitude of investigation (in physical sciences) led to huge expansion in knowledge, wealth and power, leading to feeling of invincibility – this further strengthened anti-Europe sentiments and belief in truth of all American tenets neglecting their weaknesses and short-comings. Second – once on top of the world, the Simile of Mount Everest came into effect as described below.

In this simile the position of Americans on earth (in terms of richness, strength, standard of life, opportunities, choices etc) is equated with that of a group of men on Mount Everest, i.e. far above rest of mankind. Not having experienced the Mean Sea Level (MSL) except for maybe looking at it from the top, they don’t realize the seriousness of the erosion they are undergoing i.e. traveling downwards; they don’t realize the need to study the factors that were already present in the system at the time of founding which have led to this erosion, because even today they are far above MSL. So the thought of collapse of society has not touched their minds at all, rather they laugh at this concept. This lack of understanding is further aggravated by two other factors: 1. that a man gradually, imperceptibly descending from Mt Everest, which is approximately 28000ft above MSL, will not notice the difference, if during the whole of his life he descends only upto 21-22000 ft. His children (the next generations) will be born at a lower level (an in-between level during the course of his life) will not understand the difference even at still lower levels … and so on for a few more generations (these are typically the times required for collapse of societies like Rome in the past, and today’s America.) 2. The second factor that obfuscates this process is that some men do realize that their society is eroding and has already appreciably traveled down. These then take society back to upper levels – in America they are called as ‘conservatives’ trying to restore what they believe is the original way of life. But all their efforts can take them only a little bit up, not at all to the original levels, because the original philosophy in itself had some weaknesses from where the slide is consequent. But – their taking society back a little bit to upper levels makes the extant generation more confident, and the slide even more imperceptible. (This is like two steps down followed by one up, etc.) This descending from Mt Everest is equivalent to imperceptibly inducting charity by socialism and Christianity into FFs’ government described above, gradually vitiating it by other means like war-mongering, etc.

About the Nature of Evil unknown to AWMs / MWBs: The AWMs / MWBs can afford to rollick in their blinders-led thoughts because they are actually rollicking in luxury (which they inherited from their fore-fathers); the AWMs never suffered what the foreigners go through, so they literally have no experience of evil, almost no good idea of its nature, about which Ayn Rand’s quotation is given ahead, and which idea I have developed at length.

This important concept needs to be explained in detail. I have already said above that Americans understand a lot more about freedom and liberty than rest of the world, but fail beyond a certain point. They understand direct encroachment, direct infringement of their rights and their liberty. They cannot understand the same thing being done gradually, imperceptibly. Which means that they easily understand the Attila, the dictator, the direct and open attacker of human rights; they cannot understand the Witch Doctor! ß This is an important statement pursued to the end in this book. They are able to understand communism and reject it outright; they even understand the welfare state as evil, but are not able to stop its progress; they have been unable to stop it even when it has gradually (but imperceptibly) taken communism into the White House. This has been achieved by the Witch Doctor element in their society whom they have not been able to stop by answering with proper intellectuality. It is the slow-poisoning of the welfare state (democracy, mixed economy etc, called as Semi Rational Society) that is the most important subject of this book which is a Prologue to my other book ASP-R. Totalitarian states, called as Thoroughly Irrational Societies, like Communism, Dark Ages of Europe (where America’s two parties, “the two equally bad big parties”, are competing to take America to) are dealt with in ASP-R. It is the Witch Doctor who leads to fall of civilizations and paves way for the return of the Attila. For this reason, as shown ahead, it is the Witch Doctor that is more dangerous, and the bigger danger to America is internal than external. While the internal Witch Doctors are destroying America via the welfare state, the AWMs are more concerned with external Attilas, external dictators (mainly because of their inability to deal with the Witch Doctor). The major point where they are unable to oppose the witch doctor is charity (and there are minor points like Racism etc) – as Protestants they are so much attached to charity as to be unable to do so.

Foreigners as America’s Originators and Saviors: As said above, for a long time after America’s founding, Americans were the best practitioners of the best available philosophy (classical English), but never the originators. Amongst the original philosophers there was a fugitive on the run, John Locke, who has made the maximum contribution to the foundation of the colonies. (I believe he has also written a lot about their efficient administration!) In more recent times i.e. second half twentieth century onwards, the two most important influences on the AWMs are also of foreign origin, and both of them runaways from their countries of birth – Ayn Rand who starved under the communists and escaped by lying; Ludwig Von Mises too ran away from the Nazis. (No amount of verbal description can convey what these men understand about human evil, about the passion to contribute to America etc – it will take a rare mind born in America to understand it.)

Even now, beyond this point, it will generally only be a foreigner who will save America, draw her out of channelized but imperceptible slide to self-destruction – Men with blinders will mostly not produce such a person because turning America around needs to go into fundamentals (actually rectify ideas strongly culturally embedded into them, and raise the questions I raised in the sub-article “The Phenomenon of America”.) Then they will slowly unravel mentally all the analysis in this book, and will agree that it is not about economics alone, psychology alone, even ethics alone (as some O’ists believe) or racism etc individually, but a combination of all these, starting with philosophy. It can only be described as a fight between Reason and Unreason, and if human symbols have to be chosen to describe it, then between Aristotle and Plato.

Please note an important point especially mentioned because of the likelihood of misinterpretation, mainly by AWMs. This book is not against Dems and pro-GoP – it is about the above blinders and consequent intellectual paralysis, inability to defend against millenniums-old irrationality of charity, against the witch-doctor, about democracy as destroyer which no civilization has so far crossed, and so on. All this despite the whites having achieved so much. Also note what is said elsewhere: while blaming any single politician the ambient socio-political atmosphere also has to be taken into account, i.e. the people who determine the winner in politics and filter out better men. The most important party responsible for the current slide in western countries is collectively the whites, mainly intellectuals, who have not brought answers to the issues dealt with in this book – but the issues too are difficult and never solved in human history, rather civilization has never transcended these issues.

Only post New Deal the Dems have gone overboard with socialism so they look a shade worse than the Reps. But if I were to analyze a particular Rep president, say around 2000, they would perhaps look worse, and prior to New Deal they were the more aggressive champions of ‘worship of majority’ over the individual. Therefore the two parties are called as equally bad big parties. (In fact lot of information, though not entire, is given about the GWB(43) presidency in the sub-article on UN, which is as bad as anything about the Dems in this book).

Fundamental Factors that have affected the Three Civilizations based on Reason

There are a few factors of political philosophy that have affected mankind’s development since pre-historic times, but have remained unresolved to this day and are contributing to the present slide of America.

Briefly stated the issues are as follows: Are all men equal? If yes, then in what way? Men do not seem so in terms of their performances, their capabilities, productive outputs, intelligence, hard-work, ambition etc. All religions say they are equal because all are God’s children. But that in itself is one instance of religion’s cheating, because simultaneously, based on their inequality, all religions have a standard structure of social division, which corresponds to Plato’s social pyramid and division of men into Men of Gold, Men of Silver and Men of Bronze. (Surprisingly, in the long history of the rule of religion, not many people have pointed out this simple contradiction about equality and gradation – I have developed it as “The Grand Elaborate System of Compromise” in my other write-up to be incorporated in ASP-R.) Christians had this division as Clergy, Nobility and ordinary citizens. Similar division in India is four-layered, Brahmins (priests), Kshatriyas (Noble-men, men of sword), Vaishya (traders) and Shudras (lowest workers, slaves). Muslims have Ulema (scholars) as their men of gold to rule Islamic societies. Communism’s cheating also starts with the tenet of equality of men (as rebellion against inequality perpetuated by religion and capitalism), but they finally ended in the classes of rulers and slaves. Calling lowest strata as God’s children, talk about emancipation of proletariat etc is a means of grabbing power, after which equality turns into political inequality and God’s children are crushed under the boot. (The issue of equality and inequality of men, capitalism versus socialism, returns to men out of their efforts, etc is so ancient that it is referred to in Homer, centuries prior to classical Greek civilization. Achilles is an example when he decried: “I do the maximum work, but the booty is shared equally”.)

If men were unequally graded (in a pyramid) then how was the society to be ruled? Universally the answer turned out to be the one described at length by Plato in The Republic, viz. that ordinary men were to submit themselves (i.e. their ego) to the Men of Gold, who would look after everybody’s welfare.

No matter how much Plato talked of an ideal society in The Republic, no matter how many volumes religion wrote about salvation of souls, achievement of Moksha, welfare of all, and establishing a society of brotherhood and love – they all ended in Dark Ages, a real heartless, cruel rule with a very few rulers using remaining society as lower than cattle. While rebelling against this inequality of religion, the communists also ended with the same structure, inequality and injustices – continuous flow of society’s blood was needed to satisfy the ruling monsters. Plato’s men of Gold and all their counterparts in every other society turned out to be far worse than beasts of prey. It took several centuries or thousands of years for mankind to draw the inference that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Anybody who gets power over others mostly misuses it for corruption and vested interests and to turn others into his slaves. One notable exception in human history was George Washington described ahead.

One reason why all religious systems ended similarly with the rulers crushing the ruled under their boots is that all men are not equal but have different capabilities. Because of the deception of imposing equality on them by calling them as God’s children, and considering ego to be the root of all evil (i.e. allowing rulers to use ego but not the ruled), men’s differences manifested in the forms of physical power of kings and intellectual deception of priests.

The Greeks also came up with the idea that all men were equal, but implemented it differently from rest of the world by means of the Greek Democracy based on majority opinion – all men had the same right to govern society as the Men of Gold. Their idea was closer to the modern concept of egalitarianism. Majority opinion is a big progress over the animal like capricious rule of the tribal chief or of Plato’s Men of Gold, but since this also was in obvious contradiction with reality, that all men do not have as good thinking capacity as the best men, Greek civilization itself collapsed. (The major difference between the democratic rule versus Plato’s Men of Gold is epistemological – first one is based on the tenet that whatever the majority decides is right for society including the people better at thinking, the second one says whatever the elite decide is right even for all others. Even today this remains an unresolved issue that highly influences human societies.)

The Greek system was adopted and improved by neighboring Romans, who borrowed intellectuality and intellectuals from the Greeks, and who restored democracy into the hands of a small upper strata of society (the Patricians), but knowing that power corrupts and is almost always misused, they put in place several checks and balances so that the rulers could not become dictators like Plato’s Men of Gold. They called it a Republic as against Greek democracy. This civilization lived for long time (around 500 years) as the mightiest in a large area around. But at a later date two important points emerged which most of mankind have not studied: One, that no matter how much the Patricians were superior, yet they also depended on the Plebeians, and when the latter became restive as well as suspicious of the former, rights had to be spread to the lower strata of society. Second point was that as rights spread to the lower strata of society and they got more and more involved into ruling the society, the Republic got reduced to the same as Greek democracy – and then the rule was taken over by internal fighting, plutocracy and so on, till dictators emerged and society collapsed in the historic Dark Ages of Christianity. (See the relevance of these points to today’s America just ahead.)

After Dark Ages, rediscovery of Aristotle by Aquinas from the Muslims, and some reason (i.e. some human-ness, some civilized-ness) being pumped into society, all the above steps were repeated in America – abhorrence of concentration of power, a constitution of checks and balances (i.e. a Republic to control misuse of power), spreading rights to lower strata to the extent of emancipating the slaves, and so on. Thomas Jefferson’s statement “All men were created equal” was in reality continuity of the same drama, except for the strong Aristotelian atmosphere of the days, due to which it was interpreted and implemented in a totally different manner than all previous history. It became highly celebrated just because it was against British (and European) aristocracy, who were the enemies then. Their big progress over religion was that their rule was based on the sanctity of the human mind, i.e. they did not consider ego and selfishness to be evil – only flaw was that, as said earlier, they did not declare this explicitly, but went in a roundabout manner using words like pursuit of happiness, right to life (a substitute for rational selfishness), first amendment for freedom of mind (i.e. right to usage of ego) etc, i.e. they left scope for return of religion.

The tremendous advance that the FFs made over the religious political system was that for the first time in human history they brought in the concept of ‘political equality’ of men. This meant equality in front of law, but inequality of returns -- the difference between men’s capabilities reflected in their returns which were as per the productive abilities they showed in the market. But continuing with their inability to explicitly declare rational usage of ego and rational selfishness to be sacrosanct, they did not explicitly define their idea of men’s equality too, they did not make proper clarifications about the words equality and inequality, (Jefferson merely declared “All men were created equal” leaving the controversy unresolved), and the struggle continues to this day. Americans at the time of her founding interpreted political equality correctly because of the Aristotelian sense of life prevailing then. It is very important for mankind to sort out what they mean by this equality and inequality. There is another meaning evil intellectuals grant to the word ‘equality’ which meaning is the root of theories like egalitarianism, viz. that irrespective of their (varying) capabilities and outputs, all men are metaphysically equal and should get equal returns for unequal works. This idea (mostly implicitly) underlies all variations of theories of socialism, an example of which is the idea of man’s rights propounded by the Democratic Party Platform in 1960, described ahead, its extension being the doles distributed by western governments today. (It is the latter meaning of equality that is being used when Dems increase doles for poor, reduce taxes for in-between people, and increase them for the rich. The Reps play the opposite game to loot America.)

(To apply the idea of Rational, Semi-Rational and Thoroughly Irrational to ‘equality of men’, the original American concept of men’s equality is Rational; religion and communism’s concept is Thoroughly Irrational; Greek democracy based on unlimited majority rule is based on a Semi-rational, mixed version of equality of men. This applies to today’s mixed economies and welfare states, being based on the same principle of unlimited majority rule).

Due to lack of proper definition of meaning of equality of men, today Americans have landed with the same democracy of unlimited majority rule, plutocracy, external wars, national debt, etc. Because America was born as a climax of classical English philosophy, the following is observed: whatever changes the Roman Republic underwent while passing from rule of Patricians to ever increasing influence of Plebeians, America is passing through the same steps from British aristocracy to today’s democracy – class conflict, division of society into groups with strong irreconcilable differences etc is started, only nomenclature is different and civil wars are pending. This phenomenon is referred to as civilization turning full circle ahead in this write-up.

(The record of the Roman Republic is quite impressive, yet superficially America seems to be far stronger than them – but this may even prove to be an illusion. America has one very big drawback as compared to the Romans – the Romans were solid libertarians and Americans borrowed that virtue from them. But Roman society remained ‘undiluted’ in the sense that non-Romans did not have any say in the rule, so could not vitiate, and the vitiation came from within the Roman society which took time to spread because they were strong libertarians. The ASPs on the other hand had spread freedom to non-ASPs (5 classes of emancipated people given ahead), and along with lower class of ASPs, these non-ASPs are vitiating the FFs’ government. The ASPs are already reduced in number and soon expected to be less than 50%. As shown in this write-up, many of the non-ASPs are not individualists; the ‘dilution’ renders the ASPs weaker than the Romans; it will be interesting to see how things develop in future, and how the ASPs cope-up with it.)

The above analysis gives rise to a few types of rules listed below:

1. A cruel, heartless, crushing dictatorship (of several variations like tribal chiefs, kings, theocracies, communism, military chief etc);

2. A benevolent dictatorship as the English Monarchy after the Dark Ages, which encouraged science, progress, increasingly more freedom to citizens etc though it also maintained privileges for Aristocracy. (This is a sort of a balance between powers of the monarchs, the patricians and the plebeians).

3. A Republic where power is thoroughly controlled by checks and balances, of which Rome and America in their initial days are the best examples.

4. A full-fledged Greek democracy where the majority decides and rules – many alleged republics have moved substantially close to this rule due to degeneration including today’s America.

In ASP-R, the suppressive, crushing dictatorship (type 1 above) is called as Thoroughly Irrational Society; Greek democracy and benevolent dictatorships (English monarchy) are both categorized as Semi Rational Society. A Republic will come closest to an ideal Rational Society if it is well-defined.

An important characteristic about republic and democracy is that finally both of them depend only on majority. But there is a thin line of difference between a republic and a democracy and in absence of this demarcation a republic can easily be converted to a democracy, then to welfare state, and finally to collapse, as happened in Rome and is now imperceptibly being repeated in America, the freest country in mankind’s history.

So far Americans are not concerned with dictatorship, though they may end into it like the Romans, because, as developed ahead in detail, they are not free of the reasons, the interplay, the misunderstandings and manipulations of people who change political rule from one type to other (despite being the most advanced country). Even today they are not at all free of the wrong political interpretation of ideas like majority, equality, inequality, ‘welfare of society’ etc (apart from the words ‘selfish’ and ‘egoist’), which have caused havoc in human history. In fact America’s 225 year old politics is just a story of a strong competition to somehow get the above-mentioned majority to one’s side by playing on these very words, which is described beyond this point. (As explained ahead, apart from charity, the other strong weakness of Americans is the belief in majority as the arbiter of truth – they are true believers in democracy despite FFs’ anathema to it.)

An important point to be noted is as follows: On studying America’s slide (due to democracy) for the last 100 years, one conclusion will be apparent – far from everything being wrong about it, English aristocracy had a lot of merits. If tempered properly, aristocracy too had an advantage over democracy in that it nurtured merit over democracy’s rule of the mediocre. Americans may look down upon Lords and Dames as products of aristocratic nepotism, but democracy too has their counter-part in plutocrats and pull-peddlers thriving in today’s America. Democracy can undergo a far faster moral degeneration, which is why it was so vociferously abused by some Founding Fathers of America.

(In the long, scurrilous battle amongst America’s Founding Fathers over democracy, Adams’ prediction was a typical argument: “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” And though Thomas Jefferson was an ardent and enthusiastic proponent of democracy (alternately calling the same system as republic), he too was far away from today’s rulers. Like Adams he too predicted death for the nation when certain limits were crossed -- The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who do not – Unquote.

Today democracy has dragged entire west so much down the abyss that we have to see whether today’s degenerated rulers have crossed the limit mentioned by Jefferson above – and to paraphrase Ayn Rand, considering the debt piled up, will America’s check bounce back, marked “account overdrawn”? Analysis of these aspects of democracy forms the most important part of this write-up.

Further, despite the negatives of aristocracy and democracy, strong Aristotelian sense of life was the main factor of the ASPs’ faster progress and dominance over the world.

This is the back-ground to America’s history of slide in the last 200 years, which we will study now.

Aspects of US Political History that changed the Republic to chaos of Democracy

Continued in Post-3 of “Is Democracy the Nemesis also of the Anglo-Saxons?”.

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