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"The Match" by Quent Cordair Getting Stellar Reviews - Only 99 Cents

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I am especially proud to share that Quent Cordair’s latest short story, The Match, was published on May 15, 2013 and has already soared to #2 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list. (see attached image) As I write this post, Quent has received 22 stellar reviews.

If you enjoy well-written fiction that leaves you wanting to read more by the author, I highly recommend this story. All you need is 99 cents and the ability to carve about an hour out of your day. The reward is well worth the effort. If you do not own a kindle, Amazon offers a free reading app that allows downloads to your computer or smart phone.

5 Stars – “Quent Cordair writes boldly and beautifully and The Match is one of his best short stories.” – Michael Wilkinson

5-Stars – “I think of Quent Cordair's short stories as ‘red bull for the soul’ because they give me the same ‘desire to be active’ and ‘zest for life’ as that drink advertises. This story is much like his others in that way and I recommend it highly.”- Daniel Wahl

5-Stars – “Brilliant! If you've enjoyed any of Ayn Rand's novels, but are short on time and can't re-read Atlas Shrugged just now, this short story will tide you over.” – Adam Jensen

5-Stars – “Buy it. Read it. Prepare to be surprised.” – John Newnham

5-Stars – “What a delightful short story! There's a perfect symmetry that guides the reader through the discovery of the story. The plot is immensely satisfying as everything fits together in a way that makes sense and feels logically right. The vividly drawn characters and concretization of such powerful issues makes this short story a stirring experience. I highly recommend it as a read that offers fuel to the American spirit.” – Rachel Miner

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