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Andrew Bernstein Speaks in Toronto

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Hi Everyone,

On June 25th Andrew Bernstein will be giving a talk in Toronto titled "The Case for Ending Drug Prohibition". Event details can be found here:

When: Thursday, June 25th - 7:30pm to 10pm

Where: Room 116 - 200 College Street

Wallberg Building - University of Toronto

Admission: Free (Donations Welcome)

The Case for Ending Drug Prohibition: Andrew Bernstein in Toronto

The legal-political war on drugs is an abysmal failure: It violates the right of adults to legally buy, sell, or consume any substance(s) they choose, while failing—for necessary and predictable reasons—to control drug trafficking. Legalizing drugs both protects the right of adult citizens in a free society to legally choose which substances they will or will not ingest and, with the failed anti-drug war repudiated, leaves open the possibility of a vastly more effective effort: A moral-philosophic-educational campaign, exhorting each individual to recognize both that his life belongs to him—and the healthy, value-laden, joy-inducing possibilities his life holds out for him. The legalization of drugs is an integral aspect of an intensified, significantly more effective war on drugs.

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