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Fijacion Oral-A review

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I would like to preface my review of this album with one statement: if you have the money, buy it! I can not stress how much I love this CD. If anyone trusts my name, I put my name on the value of this CD.

I will also preface by saying: This album is entirely in Spanish (if you go to buy it, look in the Spanish/Latino section). But don't let that distract you! The beauty crosses the language barrier.

The title is "Fijacion Oral", which means "Oral Fixation". This title is perfect for the album; the main instrument is Shakira's rapturous voice, the definite object of my fixation. I couldn't help but love the smooth but powerful delight that is Shakira's voice. (Rating=$ $ $ $ $)

The first song is "En Tus Pupilas", which means roughly "In Your Eyes". If anyone has heard the Cranberries, especially the early Cranberries, it has a very "them" feel. It is a slower melodic song, rather benevolent. It is one of my favorites on the album. (Rating=$ $ $ $)

The next song is "La Pared", and is my favorite song on the entire album. "La Pared" means, "The Wall", and is a song about a Wall between two peoples love. The passion in this song resonates as her voice crescendos in a magnificent testament to human beauty and love. (Rating=$ $ $ $ $)

"La Tortura" is the only 'pop' album on the song. However, unlike most modern American tribal banter, "La Tortura" mixes a catchy beat with a spicy Latin rhythm-giving it the sound of a Salsa-gone-acoustic/rock, with of course, Shakira's beautiful voice triumphing over the music. It is impossibly not to shake your hips to this! (Rating= $ $ $ $ $)

Reminiscent of my favorite male vocal artist, "Obtener Un Si" is a wonderful tribute to Frank Sinatra with enough integrity to stand on its own two feet. Meaning "To Obtain One Yes", this song displays Shakira's voice at its best. The nice conga beat, combined with a brass section, take one back to the good old days. (Rating= $ $ $ $ $)

"Dia Especial" indeed stands as her most benevolent, cheerful song; making it a "Special Day". The song stands true to the album title, highlighting most of all her voice. This is not as much of an "intense" song as it is a "carefree" song-a casual song that reminds one more of lounging at the beach with friends than triumphing at a soccer game. (Rating=$ $ $ $)

By far her most odd song, "Escondite Ingles" mixes an odd guitar sequence (one a bit un-prefered by me) that underneath the semi-80's guitar entourage has a bit of "Hidden English". Though I enjoy the basis, and a few parts, I am too overwhelmed by the heavy "beat" of the guitar. On the positive, her voice is still heavenly. (Rating=$ $ $)

"No" needs 'no' translation. Most likely her saddest song, "No" deals with separation from love. What really shines in "No" is her ability to awake the emotions inside; my stomach stirs at the beauty of her voice and words. Sentences such as "No, no me mires como antes No hables en plural La retórica es tu arma más letal", or "Not, do not look at me as before. Do not speak in plural. The rhetoric is your deadlier weapon." goes to great lengths to show Shakira's ability as a poet as well as a singer (and producer). Luckily, this song lacks the malevolent "hopelessness" or "longing" of many break-up songs, showing that though breakup can be hard, it isn't the end. (Rating= $ $ $ $)

"Las De La Intuicion" has an electronic beat making it overall a very fun song! I am semi-reminded of "The Never Ending Story"; this song is a fun joyous adventure in flying, even though it means, "Those of The Intuition". This song is the perfect example of how Shakira can retain the beauty of her voice and not be drowned out by the music, unlike most music today. A very fun and heart-warming song. (Rating= $ $ $ $)

"Dia De Enero" is probably the most pure song of the album-in the sense that it displays almost exclusively her voice. It is also one of my favorites. Meaning, "Day of January", the song reminds one more of a beautiful March day at the park. Though it may sound like I've hit this point too often, I can't stop from praising her voice and overall benevolence. A treat to the ears, this honey pours softly from a river of bliss. (Rating= $ $ $ $ $)

"Lo Imprescindible" is the last 'official' song of the album. It seems to be a more 'serious' song due to the heavier guitar and drum (though to me, the Beatles can be 'hard'!). That does not take away from her passion and amazing ability to translate thoughts into emotions, transferring her beautiful vision of life to the listener. Truly an "Indespinsable" song, the power and energy of her voice can not be ignored. (Rating= $ $ $ $)

The last two songs I will not rate, but comment on. The first is "La Pared-Acoustic". It is able to keep the integrity of the first, while offering a unique interpretation of its own. Beautiful in its own right, I listen to it more for the great piano/choral duet than anything. "La Tortura-Shaketon Remix" is actually a more pop remix of "La Tortura". I actually like this one better than the original! The Snare Drum mixes well with the pop/latin beat. Very fun to dance to.

Overall, this album highlights two main things: Shakira's amazing voice and her benevolent Sense of Life. From the most happy of times to the most sad, this Album takes one on a roller-coaster of emotions, while still remaining benevolent. Any song can be taken as is and the listener will not feel depressed, dark, or distressed. At the same time, listening to the album as a whole leaves one ready to take on life-and celebrate it along the way. The cherry on top of the Sundae is Shakira's appearance-beyond beautiful, this attractive woman maintains her dignity in the face of "sexual sellouts" like most modern female artists. Ultimately, it is impossible to convince anyone of the beauty of this album without them listening to it-and that is my greatest advice to all.

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