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Speaking of future editions: I spotted a number of typos in the last chapters of Atlas Shrugged--the most egregious being "gall" for "Galt". I imagine these are OCR glitches from scanning. Is there a good place to report them? (I wish, now, that I had noted them when I saw them.)

If you find a typo, you can send an email to typos at objectivism.net (in the correct email format of course). Most of the ones in Atlas have been found, due to efforts by a Japanese translator who used the electronic file to assist in her translation into Japanese (I have a copy - shame I can't read it!), but I've had some trouble recompiling the database for awhile now due to problems with an old and now unsupported third party component. If I can find the time my intention is to totally rewrite the system from scratch using modern tools so that it will be significantly improved, as well as providing total control.

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For anyone that already owns this CD they already know its value. For those who do not I would highly recommend it become part of their collection of Objectivist material.

I bought my CD around a year ago and cannot tell you how many times I have used it. Just type in a word that Ayn Rand and a few other authors have written and it pulls them up for you. Any subject can be quickly sought and found so that one can get a better grasp of Objectivist material. What a wonderful tool the CD is.

I would like to say thank you to all that had a hand in developing the idea and especially the creator of the CD, Philip Oliver. I can only begin to think of the depth of research that had to be put into the project and I come to the conclusion that it is worth every dollar that I paid for it!

This will actually be an interesting post:

Even an Objectivist can ask for charity ... or a just reward?

Simply put, this has never been in my budget because I have in text most of what is available. But there are things that are available on the CD that one can't do with books. Like search. Like cut and paste and organize material for good works on my computer. Wow! However, when it has come down to this CD or buying some lecture by an intellectual, I have always chosen the latter. It is still not in my budget.

So anyone who would like to buy me a copy, or give me their used copy, PM me and I will give you my address.

I don't think this is altruistic since I'm naming my terms and don't think it is anyone's duty to give me this great product--but I would be filled with glee if someone would. For those who think I have the makings of a great intellectual, you can only benefit from me having such a CD, since I am relatively active in Objectivist forums.

I guess I have to say PLEASE?


Jose Gainza.

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