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Serenity (2005)

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Thanks for you explanation. My point is that one should not have to struggle to follow a story, if the story teller wants to take you along with him. I sometimes get the feeling, (actually this was confirmed by Kubrick in the making of 2001) that there is deliberate obscurity in the hope that it will lend "depth" to the work.

I would generally agree, but Serenity is a special case because this was Joss's one and (as far as he knew, only) chance to wrap up the show. The series was canceled, he couldn't get it picked up again, and really this movie was for himself and for the fans who had been supporting him. If people who hadn't seen Firefly couldn't follow the plot, I doubt he really cared. :huh:

By 'rapid editing' I refer to the disjointed flashing of scenes for short periods of time. If you observe older films you will notice the camera doesn't jump around as much. I have stopped watching TV shows because I found the flash flash type of editing infuriating. Substituting motion on the screen for substance.

They did it in the show, too. I think it was in the dvd extras they explained that this was how they decided to bring the viewer closer to the action. Even when the scene is in cgi, the perspective can shake, you can have lens flares and visible refocusing of the image to give you the idea that you are watching a video of this happening, rather than being in the "God's eye" perspective. I never really minded it, Battlestar Gallactica does the same thing. However I understand it is probably unnerving or dizzying for some.

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