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Russell W. Shurts

Two Groups

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To the Editor:

Please consider two groups of people I will refer to as Group A and Group B.

Through industrious hard work the people in Group A did the following with a natural substance found in the ground. First they developed ever more ingenious methods for extracting the substance. Then they took the substance and created a myriad of products. The products the people in Group A offered could only stand on their own merits. No single person was ever forced to buy these products, and if they hadn’t, all of the efforts and resources expended by the people of Group A would have come to naught. Yet billions of people around the world have found these products so valuable that the demand for them has continued to grow for decades on end.

Through industrious hard work the people in Group B did the following. First they decided that people weren’t doing enough for their fellow citizens. They looked at the situation and developed a program where each person would be required to contribute a portion of his or her assets in order to provide transportation, medical care, education and a myriad of other goods and services to other people. Then they spent many hours and lots of resources attempting to convince enough people to go ahead with their plan. In the end they were successful when, on the day of decision, more than half the people who chose to make their opinion known decided to authorize this plan and make it the law of the land. As a result of the efforts of the people in Group B every person living under this new law will be required to give a portion of his assets to this plan, whether he wants to or not.

These two scenarios eloquently describe the difference between the two basic political systems men have ever devised; Individualism and Collectivism. The basic difference between these two systems is specifically represented by their use of force. The difference relates not to the people of Group A or the people of Group B but to how all the rest of us are treated by what each Group has to offer. Concerning Group A’s products, each INDIVIDUAL can make up his own mind whether he wants them or not. If he doesn’t want them, then nobody is going to force him to give the people of Group A anything. Concerning Group B’s program, the COLLECTIVE, i.e. more than 50% of the population making a choice, has decided for all the rest of us that we WILL contribute to their program. Any person who decides he doesn’t want to contribute will be incarcerated and have his assets confiscated anyway.

For me, I want freedom. I want to live in a world where I choose what I will do with my life and my property. If you think you agree with me and are yourself an advocate of freedom, i.e. Individualism, then I invite you to consider your opinion in light of the knowledge that the people in Group A are actually the people who own and work for oil companies, and the people in Group B are actually the people who engineered the recent yes vote on Colorado’s Referendum C.

If you really do consider yourself an advocate of freedom, but are all for a Windfall Profits Tax on the oil companies or voted for Referendum C or both, then you shouldn’t be surprised or upset when the collective decides to turn its attention to you.

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