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The Undercurrent

order The Undercurrent, Issue 5

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If you're looking to spread Ayn Rand's ideas among college students, read this:

The January issue of The Undercurrent will be going to press within a week. The deadline for placing orders is 12am ET, Wednesday Jan 17, so email us as soon as possible:

The general topic of this month's issue is "religion". Articles include:

-"Moral Values without Religion" by Peter Schwartz (ARI op-ed)

-"The Bait and Switch of Intelligent Design" by Keith Lockitch (ARI op-ed)

-Rebecca Knapp, "Campus Commentary" (a new feature): Religion is rising unchecked on college campuses.

-Quinn Price, "Answering Intelligent Design: The 'Falsification' Pitfall": In order to defeat creationism, we must reconsider our understanding of science.

-Ray Girn, "Objectivism in the Culture" (a new feature): Keith Lockitch's lecture circuit on intelligent design.

-Gena Gorlin, "Christianity and Narnia": Christianity can gain traction only by diluting its ethical message.

-Kara Zavarella, "Why I Enjoy Being a Girl": Feminists dispense with individualism and reality.


Why distribute *The Undercurrent*?

-articles are written with clarity and persuasiveness for a college audience unfamiliar with Objectivism.

-article topics are always fresh, relevant, and provocative

-it's on newsprint, so it's cheap. Distribute mass numbers for a low price--a rate of about $8.75 plus shipping per 250 copies--and reach hundreds more students than your usual means of campus activism

-our regular "announcements" section draws attention to the nationwide network of Objectivist activism in general, and your campus club's events & meetings in particular. (For additional publicity for your club, it's very easy to stamp your club's name and contact information on each copy.)

For more information, visit or email us at

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