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Yesterday morning on KABC-AM radio (Los Angeles, 790) I heard an advertisement that stunned me and left me laughing throughout the day. The ad was remarkable for the audacity of its content, and hilarious for how wonderfully it accomplished its purpose. As I learned when I visited the website, the ad that I heard is part of a entire campaign, variations on a theme. One funnier than the other.

To hear the ads go the website here, click on "According to the latest study ..." on the top right. The first ad should start playing automatically, and you can hear the variations by clicking on each of the "Radio Ads" on the right. Remember, these ads are not just for the internet, but actually play on major radio stations.

(Please note that I have not reviewed the overall content of the website, so I do not know to what extent I would agree with and endorse all of its content. But I unreservedly enjoyed their radio ad campaign.)

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