What is the best US city or state to live in?

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How does the author measure "the supply of fiat dollars"? He refers to "printed" money, so is he counting paper currency alone?

I take that to mean in contrast to gold-backed dollars. He also probably means one of the standard measures, like M3.
Also, since this topic-thread is about places to live, I wonder if you happen to know of charts that show the prices of houses in various areas just before and during the Great Depression? Comparing price changes in various areas might be informative of what might happen under similar conditions.
Not off the top of my head, but it is an interesting idea. Maybe searching the web would turn up something.

However, the economy has changed much since then, and the relative home price volatility in many cities has probably changed along with it. For instance, L.A. used to be very dependent on two industries: film and aerospace. With the declared end of the Cold War in the early 90's, defense spending declined, which hit the L.A. economy very hard. The economy there is now more diversified, so if a single industry were hit hard, the effect would not be as dramatic. Thus, while the general trend of a depression leading to collapsing home prices and increasing foreclosures would be expected, the relative effect between cities would be different this time around.

I am quite worried about the collapse of Medicare in the next few years (2014?), and how the government will respond to it. I expect a mix of inflation, higher taxes, and reduced availability of services. Such an event as the collapse of this, along with other elements of the welfare state and a mistaken monetary policy would be disasterous.

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