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The Longest Journey

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I have always loved adventure games. I love the “What if?” question that they pose.

The genre had died in the late 90’s but FunCom with The Longest Journey released an absolutely brilliant finale to the genre. Considering the technology of the time, the visuals were brilliant and the soundtrack was absolutely amazing. I strongly recommend this game to any person who loves games or a good story.

And the story, how I loved exploring the worlds that the game posed.

Spoilers Follow

The game is extremely well integrated. The twin worlds of Stark (our world, everything follows the laws of nature, of science except a century or 2 in the future) and Arcadia, a world that the laws of nature aren’t constant, the world of magic.

Arcadia and Stark used to be the same world but many thousands of years ago, they were split into 2 to prevent a cataclysmic event. Arcadia has long been forgotten by Stark but Arcadia still has legends of the world of science.

Here is an example of the integration in the game, the characters and people you meet in Stark, they all believe in taking control of your lives, thinking with your mind and pursuing your happiness and goals.

The people in Arcadia, because the laws of nature are not constant for them, they believe in fate and prophecy to guide them and passively wait for their heroine to turn up that was prophesised.

I loved how Arcadia got presented to April, it did so in a believable fashion that allowed you to become truly immersed in the story to find out more.

I can’t say too much more in this review, anything I could possibly say about the game, the game says much better when you experience it for yourself, so enjoy. :P

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