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Some really good shows were suggested on this thread. Firefly and Buffy being my personal favorite :) I just finished watching Buffy seasons 1-7 this summer. Due to me being in my senior year now, and the fact that I need to save up for a car (so I dont have to walk to law school,) I dont have the necessary cash to invest in buying cable. Thanks to this thread I might consider renting a DVD series suggested here in order to keep me entertained in my downtime. Anyone know of some good sci fi besides Firefly and Star Trek?

Marcus Lange

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I've watched little TV over the past 25 years, so I'm not qualified to choose the best from among concretes that I'm not familiar with. But I do remember some old comedy shows that I thought were well done. (Most of these predate me, in that I watched them as reruns.)

The two that come to mind as classics are The Honeymooners and Jack Benny's show. In the former, I always used to wonder at how Audrey Meadows could play the role of Alice so well and keep a straight face. And in the latter, I can still remember many of Jack Benny's one-liners he used over and over again that were, to me, freshly funny every time. Remember the "Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga" routine? And all of Mel Blanc's antics? And "Mr. Kitzel"?

Fast forwarding a bit, some other shows I liked were:

My Favorite Martian

The Odd Couple

Gilligan's Island

McHale's Navy

Get Smart

The Addams Family

Looking back on these and asking myself why I liked them, it seems they all had a benevolence that stems from proper humor. They don't seem to have been poking fun at man or belittling the good, with rare exceptions. The situations did require some limited suspension of belief of course, but there was always a premise (e.g., a martian in one's house; a bumbling spy; two differing divorced men) that, once accepted, led naturally to many awkward-but-amusing scenarios. And they were completely devoid of political correctness, and didn't champion any leftist "cause of the day".

Given the times I grew up in, probably one reason I like these old shows is that they were made - for the most part - before the nihilism of the "sixties" had greatly infected our culture. And the fact that they were all comedies must say something about me. :)

The bottom line is I think they were all well done. I can remember later comedy shows that used actors from these (e.g., Don Adams from Get Smart; Tim Conway from McHale's Navy or Bob Denver from Gilligan's Island) that were made in the 1970's, whose titles I don't remember, because they just fell flat for me.

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