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There is always Australia. ;) We live a good life down here, not much different from the standard you are used to. Best yet, is you don't even have to declare your income if it is in a retirement pension and you are 60 or over. Our dollar was 48 cents US a few years ago, and has now reached 92 cents US. Income taxes have been declining every year, and the budget is in surplus.

We don't have the grand constitution of America, but the British traditions have not robbed us of the freedoms enjoyed in America. With a population of California in a continent the size on mainland USA, we punch well above our weight. I point this out, because I often get the sense that Americans (whom I love) forget that they are not the only free country.

Dammit, I am moving to Australia, then!

Wait! I already am! :)

The eight-week (or so) countdown to my departure for the land down under has officially begun... :)

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