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How was killing German kids whilst they slept, in anyway tit for tat justice for the crimes of that regime?

Our concepts of justice are different.

It wasn't justice, it was collateral damage. Collateral damage on a stupendous scale is one of the infelicities of modern war. If the governments being attacked gave a thought to the safety of their people they would locate in a separate and isolated place. But this never happens. The Bad Guys live in the midst of their people (subjects?) and in effect make them hostages.

In addition, the German and Japanese governments transformed their populations into the equivalent of munitions of war. The non-combatant men made implements of war and the women fed their men before they went to work at the cannon. tank or airplane factory. The children (alas) are always and will always be unfortunate victims of war. There is simply no practical way of getting around that other than not fighting. If it is kosher to bomb munitions and weapons then it is kosher to bomb the means of their manufacture. Weep for the children, but do not let pity stay the hand.

As Air Marshall Arthur ('Bomber') Harris pointed out: There Germans have sown the wind and, in due course, they will reap the whirlwind. Ditto for the Japanese. So it goes.

Bob Kolker

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