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Rare celestial event March 3rd visible from E. coast

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Tomorrow night, sky watchers in Eastern Canada [and the United States] will be treated to a rare celestial event: The full moon will rise above the horizon while it is in the middle of an eclipse.

The normally bright lunar surface will be transformed into a coppery brown or eerie reddish colour as it passes through the shadow of the Earth--the first total eclipse of the moon since October, 2004.

The normally flat-looking moon takes on a strange three-dimensional quality during an eclipse because of the unusual lighting effects.
It can look like a Halloween pumpkin illuminated from the inside.

Here is the full article, including times to watch and an illustration provided by NASA.

As for me, I live on the 19th floor; however, my Toronto apartment has a northwestern exposure.

Therefore, I am considering watching it from the CN Tower overlooking Lake Ontario.

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