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Also, I and millions of other people have a private well. I've personally seen to the installation of some relatively advanced technology to improve the water quality, and that's for my own family.

Indeed. And you do not distribute the contents of your private well to the world about you either. You have the full burden of seeing that the water in your well is drinkable. That means you have test it periodically and make sure the pipes are tight. Nothing wrong with that. If you are careless then you and your family suffer and that is all. Whereas a person in the business of selling water to Many can cause untold damage and woe if he is careless. And that is why even a privately owned water impound must be subject to public (not necessarily governmental) scrutiny. Scope and consequence count for something.

Bob Kolker

I was reading this thread for the gems of wisdom from Betsy and others regarding leadership, but after reading this I have to respond.

1) Do you believe that people would still buy water from a company that obviously disregards the water quality and sells poison?

2) IF such a thing happened, there is no need for any further laws or regulation. The law currently has procedures for those harmed by such negligent behaviour to obtain compensation for damages.

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