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"Black Gold"

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I saw a different trailer from this movie of this African guy standing in front of a group of farmers and traders from ethiopia on Bloomberg.

It had this guy telling them in their currency, did you know how much this sells? He gives lots of examples and all the formers are thinking 'wow' as well as 'wow I'm being royally screwed' and then he does abit of mathematics, and it adds up just how much money these guys seem to be royally screwed by world market prices.

When I goto my coffee shop, I always get some Ethiopian, it is the best, and by the time I die I'd probably have done more for Africa than the guys on Live8, I think its unfortunate the sheer size of supply these farmers are up against without much machinery on their own compared to the world markets, the world market prices are 'correct' and although on human terms things seem unfair in reality metaphysically, regarding the nature of prices, things are 'fair' in that the price is the equilibrium of supply and demand, nothing much more can be said -- every player in the market only sees price relative to themselves -- so in some conditions things can seem unfair, but really aren't.

I just wish this documentary could do something more constructive and put its head together about making Ethiopian coffee high quality and therefore off the world agricultural futures markets with its 'base' like commodities (i.e.: BROWN COFFEE, GRINDED, ORANGE JUICE, CRUDE OIL, BRENT OIL).

Ethiopian coffee is special, and I'm going to see this movie to admire the business of these people and I hear the views are stunning, given its political bent it looks stunning.

So I'm seeing it for the sake of interest, not so much what will probably be a consistent attack on 'just a few people control the prices' etc etc.

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