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Sports commentatorJohn Feinstein made a promotional apperance on Charlie Rose last night.

The conversation went to what distinguishes the top golf players form the rest of the pros. Feinstein IDed the ability to make the shot when it matters as the defining difference, and then went on to offer what I, as a non-golfer who respects the skills involved, found incredible.

JF: "In the 2005 season, Tiger Woods had to execute 485 putts of five feet or less (five feet or less is known as the 'throw-up' zone.) How many do you think he missed [Charlie]?

CR, knowing he's walking into it: "50?"

JF "Close. Try ZERO!"

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If one considers a golfer an athlete, he has already made a case for best athlete of all time. Whatever one considers him, his achievements thus far (and he's only 31!!!) have been simply amazing. According to the biography on his website:

- 57 PGA Tour wins since turning pro in 1996;

- in 2001, first ever to hold all four major titles at the same time;

- career victories leader among active players on the Tour (again, he's 31!);

- career money list leader;

- in 2000, youngest ever to win all four majors (and only the fifth to ever do it);

- youngest Masters champion at about 21.25 years;

- won U.S. Open by 15 strokes, breaking a 138-year-old record;

- a bajillion other things. Read the bio and your jaw will drop.

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