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Many members of THE FORUM post under their own real names, as I do, and this is usually just fine. A problem arose for some members when THE FORUM became popular and Google began indexing our posts. For professional and other personal reasons they do not want their association with Ayn Rand and Objectivism easily discovered in a Google search, particularly if they are seeking a career in academia where our ideas may not be welcome.

To protect themselves, some members have changed their screen names. This does change the names on all the postings they authored, but it does not change the names appearing in posts that quote them or when other posters refer to them by their full names. As an important and necessary exception to THE FORUM's "no-edit" policy, an Administrator will now change your screen name on old posts to match your current screen name, if you request it by sending a private message to me and/or to ADS.

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